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2010 July

John Magnabosco

The Database Artist

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This past Friday I journeyed to the local bookstore and picked up a copy of Seth Godin’s  latest book titled “Linchpin“. This book explores the concept of work and how we can become truly valuable. In this book Seth encourages us to become artists; to recognize the difference between doing a job and creating art. […]

31 July 2010 10:04 pm by

Breaking news: New technology means you can now "re-charge" batteries


I know, it sounds crazy doesn’t it? Up until now you buy a battery and put it in your game of Operation or your cine-camera and once they have run out you have to throw them away and put new ones in. Well, no more my friends, the boffins at Apple Computers have been taking […]

29 July 2010 1:00 pm by
Bart Read

Shovell: An ASP.NET Demo Application for ANTS Performance Profiler 6


Recently I’ve been doing a few demos of ANTS Performance Profiler 6 at user groups, and last week I did a talk entitled “Real World Performance Profiling” at The Developers Group Meeting down in London, for which I’ll publish my notes later. For both the demos and the talk I’ve been using an ASP.NET application, […]

28 July 2010 1:03 pm by
Simon Cooper

Introduction to open instance delegates


Creating a delegate to a method is normally quite a cheap operation. However, there are some reflection-based situations where you have to create a delegate dynamically using Delegate.CreateDelegate. As you can expect, such a method is many times slower than using the type-safe delegate constructor. Using open instance delegates can help alleviate this performance penalty. […]

27 July 2010 6:15 pm by
Michael Francis

See, Manage, Relax


There’s no rest for the wicked. Or the SysAdmin, it seems. Either your infrastructure is evolving, your pesky users are throwing spanners in the works, or your first visit to a new client reveals a mind-bending mess of policies and PST files which would make M.C Escher’s head spin. Take a moment and ask yourself […]

27 July 2010 8:25 am by

Living the high life at Red Gate


I think it was the moment when, 1500 metres above the fields of South Cambridge, sitting in the front cockpit of a yellow 1939 Tiger moth biplane in a flying jacket and goggles, the voice of the pilot came through my headphones to tell me “You now have control of the aircraft” that I thought […]

26 July 2010 11:36 am by

Seven times world champion returns to previous job

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I am a keen follower of Formula 1 racing, it could be the speed, the danger, the money, the politics, the glamour, I don’t know, but it keeps my interest. I had a brief break a few years ago for various reasons that I might blog about at some time in the future but I […]

26 July 2010 10:30 am by
Andrew Clarke

WebMatrix and SQL Server Compact Edition. Something for the rest of us?


WebMatrix, currently in beta,  is Microsoft’s newest initiative aimed at those of us who take no pleasure in using the overweight Visual Studio, but need to develop websites easily. For  web-based applications such as blogs, forums,  CMSs and wikis, WebMarix’s design seems ideal, though it is currently working only in parts. At the heart of […]

23 July 2010 1:29 pm by

If you are reading this blog . . .

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Or, more accurately, if you have read this blog and especially the series about using LogParser and asked a question last week. It was a good question that I wanted to publish and then answer. Sadly I am not entirely competent with the CommunityServer control panel and having ticked your comment and published it I […]

21 July 2010 10:35 pm by
Simon Cooper

Implementing method override covariance on C# (Part 3)

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To recap from my previous post, we’re trying to create a class that has the same behaviour as an explicit interface implementation, in which we can change the return type to a more specific type, but for class overrides instead of interface implementations. (Ab)using explicit overrides To implement explicit interface implementations on the CLR, the […]

19 July 2010 5:30 pm by
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