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2010 May

Tony Davis

Sweet and Sour Source Control


Most database developers don’t use Source Control. A recent anonymous poll on SQL Server Central asked its readers "Which Version Control system do you currently use to store you database scripts?" The winner, with almost 30% of the vote was…none: "We don’t use source control for database scripts". In second place with almost 28% of […]

27 May 2010 9:37 am by
John Magnabosco

IndyTechFest Recap


The sun had yet to rise above the horizon on Saturday, May 22nd and I was traveling toward the location of the 2010 IndyTechFest. In my freshly awaken, and pre-coffee, state I reflected on the months that preceded this day and how quickly they slipped away. The big day had finally come and the morning […]

26 May 2010 9:05 pm by
Damon Armstrong

SharePoint and COMException (0×80004005): Cannot complete this action

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I ran into a small issue today working on a deployment.  We were moving a custom ASP.NET control from my development environment into a SharePoint layout page on a staging environment .  I was expecting some minor issues to arise since I had developed the control in an ASP.NET website project, but after getting everything […]

26 May 2010 2:40 pm by
Bart Read

Win a copy of ANTS Memory Profiler!


Tell us about your experiences dealing with memory issues in .NET, and you stand a chance of winning a copy of the best memory profiler out there, along with a year’s support and upgrades to ensure you can get the new version as soon as it’s released. We want to find out how you’ve fared […]

26 May 2010 9:25 am by
Damon Armstrong

Security Issues When Creating Pages in SharePoint


I was speaking (or rather IM’ing) with Ben Collins a while back and he came across an interesting problem that I wanted to document for the sake of posterity.  If you have a SharePoint user who has permissions to create a page in a page library, but that user is having security issues trying to […]

25 May 2010 12:56 am by

Using LogParser – part 1


I have mentioned LogParser before on my blog and have decided to create a series of walk-through style articles to show someone new to LogParser what it can do and how to use it. It is appropriate to all sorts of job roles in IT, whether you are a System Administrator or a SQL DBA. […]

24 May 2010 11:15 am by
Bart Read

Red Gate .NET Tool Support for Visual Studio 2010


24 hours after posting my last blog I realised I’d neglected to mention Visual Studio 2010. I must have hit the Beaujolais a bit too hard or something, but anyway… Three of our tools have some level of integration with Visual Studio – .NET Reflector, ANTS Performance Profiler, and ANTS Memory Profiler – but so […]

21 May 2010 6:43 am by
Laila Lotfi

Design a T-shirt for .NET Reflector Pro


Win a .NET Reflector Pro license, a box of Red Gate goodies, and a t-shirt printed with your design! Red Gate likes t-shirts. Each of our teams has one. In fact, each individual person has one, numbered according to when they joined the company: Red Gate’s 1st, 2nd, and so on right up to Red […]

21 May 2010 5:20 am by

How do you use blog content?


Do you write a blog, have you ever thought about it? I think people fall into one of a few categories when it comes to blogs, especially blogs with technical content. Writing articles furiously – daily, twice daily and reading dozens of others. Writing the odd piece of content and read plenty of others’ output. […]

20 May 2010 11:15 am by
Clive Tong

F# and the rose-tinted reflection


We’re already seeing increasing use of many cores on client desktops. It is a change that has been long predicted. It is not just a change in architecture, but our notions of efficiency in a program. No longer can we focus on the asymptotic complexity of an algorithm by counting the steps that a single […]

20 May 2010 11:08 am by
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