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2010 April

Simon Cooper

Developing Schema Compare for Oracle (Part 5): Query Snapshots


If you’ve emailed us about a bug you’ve encountered with the EAP or beta versions of Schema Compare for Oracle, we probably asked you to send us a query snapshot of your databases. Here, I explain what a query snapshot is, and how it helps us fix your bug. Problem 1: Debugging users’ bug reports […]

30 April 2010 7:56 am by
Tony Davis

Need to Know


Sometimes, I wonder whether writers of documentation, tutorials and articles stop to ask themselves one very important question: Does the reader really need to know this? I recently took on the task of writing a concise series of articles about the transaction log, what is it, how it works and why it’s important. It was […]

29 April 2010 8:24 am by
Adam Walker

Meet Peter, 80 years old today


You have to arrive at the office early in the morning to meet Peter. He arrives at 5am and by 8:30am he’s gone. Peter has been a cleaner here for several years. He is 80 years old today. Peter was born only a couple of km from our office in Cambridge, England and was for […]

28 April 2010 3:00 am by
Jason Crease

Breaking through the class sealing


Do you understand ‘sealing’ in C#?  Somewhat?  Anyway, here’s the lowdown. I’ve done this article from a C# perspective, but I’ve occasionally referenced .NET when appropriate. What is sealing a class? By sealing a class in C#, you ensure that you ensure that no class can be derived from that class.  You do this by […]

26 April 2010 8:58 am by
Laila Lotfi

The .NET Rocks! Visual Studio 2010 Road Trip


Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell, esteemed hosts of the .NET Rocks radio show, have decided to set off in their DotNetMobile (a 30 foot RV) to 15 US cities between April 19th and May 7th. What for, you ask? To meet up with .NET developers and show off the latest and greatest in Visual Studio […]

26 April 2010 7:40 am by
Simon Cooper

Developing Schema Compare for Oracle (Part 4): Script Configuration

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If you’ve had a chance to play around with the Schema Compare for Oracle beta, you may have come across this screen in the synchronization wizard: This screen is one of the few screens that, along with the project configuration form, doesn’t come from SQL Compare. This screen was designed to solve a couple of […]

26 April 2010 6:42 am by
John Magnabosco

To Bit or Not To Bit


‘Twas a long day of troubleshooting and firefighting and now, with most of the office vacant, you face a blank scripting window to create a new table in his database. Many questions circle your mind like dirty water gurgling down the bathtub drain: “How normalized should this table be?”, “Should I use an identity column?”, […]

24 April 2010 9:07 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Thoughts on C# Extension Methods


I’m not a huge fan of extension methods.  When they first came out, I remember seeing a method on an object that was fairly useful, but when I went to use it another piece of code that method wasn’t available.  Turns out it was an extension method and I hadn’t included the appropriate assembly and […]

23 April 2010 5:06 pm by
Simon Cooper

Developing Schema Compare for Oracle (Part 3): Ghost Objects

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In the previous blog post, I covered how we solved the problem of dependencies between objects and between schemas. However, that isn’t the end of the issue. The dependencies algorithm I described works when you’re querying live databases and you can get dependencies for a particular schema direct from the server, and that’s all well […]

22 April 2010 4:21 am by

Such thing as a free lunch


There is a lot of hard work goes on in Red Gate, no doubt. And then there are things we’re asked to get involved with, that aren’t hard and don’t feel much like work. What? Give up our free lunch at Red Gate for a free lunch in a pub? Within an hour, myself and […]

21 April 2010 4:13 am by
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