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2010 February

Laila Lotfi

Back-sliding into Unmanaged Code


It is difficult to write about Microsoft’s ambivalence to .NET without mentioning clichés about dog food.  In case you’ve been away a long time, you’ll remember that Microsoft surprised everyone with the speed and energy with which it introduced and evangelised the .NET Framework for managed code. There was good reason for this. Once it […]

26 February 2010 9:51 am by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector & .NET Reflector Pro 6.1 have been released


.NET Reflector 6.1 and .NET Reflector Pro 6.1 have been released. You can download them from: .NET Reflector is a class browser and disassembler for .NET assemblies. .NET Reflector Pro is a Visual Studio debugging extension that allows you to step through third party and framework assemblies, as if they were built from your […]

24 February 2010 9:20 am by
Roger Hart

Kill a tree, save your website? Content strategy in action, part III


A lot has been written about how driving content strategy from within an organisation is hard. And that’s true. Red Gate is pretty receptive to new ideas, so although I’ve not had a total walk in the park, it’s been a hike with charming scenery. But I’m one of the lucky ones. Lots of people […]

19 February 2010 11:14 am by

Finance: Friends, not foes!

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After reading Phil’s blog post about his experiences of working on reception, I thought I would let everyone in on one of the other customer facing roles at Red Gate… When you think of a Credit Control team, most might imagine money-hungry (and often impolite) people, who will do nothing short of hunting people down […]

19 February 2010 9:49 am by
Tony Davis

Inappropriate Updates?


A recent Simple-talk article by Kathi Kellenberger dissected the fastest SQL solution, submitted by Peter Larsson as part of Phil Factor’s SQL Speed Phreak challenge, to the classic "running total" problem. In its analysis of the code, the article re-ignited a heated debate regarding the techniques that should, and should not, be deemed acceptable in […]

18 February 2010 11:10 am by
Alex Davies

Why not to use StackTrace to find what method called you


Our obfuscator, SmartAssembly, does some pretty crazy reflection. It’s an obfuscator, it’s sort of its job to do things in the most awkward way possible. But sometimes, you can go too far. One such time is this little gem from the strings encoding feature: StackTrace stackTrace = new StackTrace(); StackFrame frame = stackTrace.GetFrame(1); Type ownerType […]

18 February 2010 6:52 am by
Damon Armstrong

Creating an ITemplate from a String


I do a lot of work with control templates, and one of the pieces of functionality that I’ve always wanted is the ability to build a ITemplate from a string.  Throughout the years, the topic has come up from time to time, and I never really found anything about how to do it. though I […]

17 February 2010 11:32 pm by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector Pro Support: How do I activate .NET Reflector Pro with my serial number?


This is actually very straightforward, once you know where to look for it. Open up a version of Visual Studio into which you’ve installed the .NET Reflector add-in. Now on the main menu bar click .NET Reflector > Choose Assemblies to Debug (figure 1). Figure 1. Bring up the “Choose Assemblies to Debug” dialog from […]

16 February 2010 1:46 pm by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector 6, .NET Reflector Pro, TestDriven.NET, .NET 4.0 and Mono


By now you may well have noticed that .NET Reflector 6 and .NET Reflector Pro are out in the wild. The official launch happened today, although we actually put the software out last Thursday as part of a phased release plan to ensure that everything went smoothly today which, so far, it seems to have […]

15 February 2010 1:38 pm by
Clive Tong

Reflector Pro has now been released!


After moving into the .NET division in May , and having a great time working on Reflector, I’m pleased to say that the results of that work are now available. Reflector Pro has now been released! The old Reflector as you know and love it is still available free of charge, and as part of […]

15 February 2010 4:56 am by
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