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2010 January

Andrew Siemer

Getting Spark View Engine to work with ASP.NET MVC


Method not found: ‘Void System.Web.Mvc.ViewContext..ctor(System.Web.Mvc.ControllerContext, System.Web.Mvc.IView, System.Web.Mvc.ViewDataDictionary, System.Web.Mvc.TempDataDictionary)’I am finding that there are several complaints about getting Spark View Engine to work with ASP.NET MVC.  I had to tweak the Spark View Engine code base to get things running again. I had to download the spark view engine source code (  Once I did that […]

31 January 2010 2:41 pm by
Rachel Potts

How do you know your site search is working?

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For a while now lots of people have been telling me that the Red Gate site search is not so good. So we’ve got together a team of people to fix it, but before we could do that we had to work out what exactly is wrong with it. All the feedback was in the […]

29 January 2010 9:50 am by
Adam Walker

Removing the brown M&M’s

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There’s a tale of supposed rock star excess, originally told of Van Halen and since attributed to many other groups and divas, about brown M&M’s. They would demand, so the story goes, a bowl of M&M’s in their dressing room, but with the brown ones removed, and there would be a fit of petulance should […]

29 January 2010 7:44 am by
Laila Lotfi

Nurturing .NET Reflector


The very best software is almost always originally the creation of a single person. Readers of our ‘Geek of the Week’ will know of a few of them.  Even behemoths such as MS Word or Excel started out with one programmer.  There comes a time with any software that it starts to grow up, and […]

28 January 2010 7:52 am by
John Magnabosco

Leadership for the DBA


Recently I read a book titled “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell. In this book, Maxwell categories the qualities that creates a great leader. As I read this book I thought about the many managers and leaders that I have encountered in my life, including the ones that we all have read […]

23 January 2010 10:22 am by

The Front line of Communication


There may be a few blog posts around on customer contact from a sales and marketing point of view, but not so many on the other points of contact a company has with their customers, which can be overlooked. Not everyone who deals with customers has a voice to talk about what they do – […]

22 January 2010 7:26 am by
Charles Lee

The Upgrade Path to SharePoint 2010


If your looking at the public beta of SharePoint 2010 and thinking, “We are going to need to upgrade, but where do I start?” then hopefully this basic guide should help you on how to plan and what action to take in preparation for an upgrade. Upgrade vs. Migration In my view there are two […]

22 January 2010 1:00 am by
Bart Read

Nasty error: ‘svchost’ has been built with an evaluation version of {smartassembly}, which has expired…


There are a few other versions of this error doing the rounds, such as: ‘svchost’ has been built with an evaluation version of {smartassembly}, which has expired on Wednesday, 20 January 2010. You need to purchase a license of {smartassembly}. This application has been built with an evaluation version of {smartassembly}. Etc. The dates vary, […]

21 January 2010 2:11 pm by
Tony Davis

Life at the F# end


In a fascinating interview in this issue of Simple-Talk, Don Syme discusses his work on the F# programming language, its journey from it academic roots in ML and Ocaml, to its burgeoning status as the hottest new thing in .NET. A central pin in the forthcoming "parallel processing, multi-core revolution", it may or may not […]

21 January 2010 8:50 am by
Bart Read

More .NET tool releases: .NET Reflector Pro Beta, and ANTS Memory Profiler 5.2


By far the most exciting of these releases is the .NET Reflector Pro Beta, but Alex has already blogged extensively about this at, so to get the low-down on this release, take a look at his excellent post. We have also released ANTS Memory Profiler 5.2 this morning. This is a recommended upgrade for […]

20 January 2010 9:11 am by
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