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2009 December

Roger Hart

Mouth and trousers, back in proportion: content strategy in action, part II

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In my last post, I offered a quick example of how to spot misbehaving content. Analytics are a great tool for showing you the suspects, but it takes a bit of work to pick the really bad content out of the line-up.  To overload the metaphor yet further, this becomes a prime time forensic drama, […]

17 December 2009 7:21 am by
Michael Francis

The ClimateGate Debate Warms Up

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Whatever else one concludes from reading the ‘ClimateGate’, or ‘CRUtape’ files, it is a fascinating archive for System Administrators to study. Despite the lurid and absurd tales from the established media of sinister Russian hackers intercepting emails, it is obviously nothing of the sort. It is merely a zip file that consists of a smörgåsbord […]

17 December 2009 5:51 am by
Roger Hart

Money and mouth, together at last: content strategy in action, part I

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I’ve talked a lot about content strategy lately. Let’s do some. Here’s a whistle stop example of drilling into some of our web content using Google Analytics, and asking those questions: what’s it for, and is it any good at it? Today’s victims are the SQL Compare “case studies“: short articles outlining how SQL Compare […]

15 December 2009 8:26 am by
Charles Lee

Deploying InfoPath templates within MOSS 2007


I am going to start with a quote that I want everyone to remember.  It should be in the mind of anyone developing InfoPath solutions for SharePoint. “Never, ever publish an InfoPath form directly from InfoPath into a production SharePoint environment.” I have seen this too many times and it will make your administrators really […]

14 December 2009 1:00 am by
John Magnabosco

NCDM Conference


Last week I jetted of to Las Vegas, Nevada with my co-workers to attend the National Center for Database Marketing (NCDM) Conference. This conference was not like the conferences that we as database professionals typically attend. Rather than offering sessions about database maintenance, performance and design the offerings were focused on its use by Marketing […]

13 December 2009 4:16 pm by
Tony Davis

Paradoxical T-SQL


I’ve always taken comfort in the fact that T-SQL belongs to an enlightened age of computer languages in which the operations that were specified were close to real language. When one sees a command called DBCC_CHECKDB, then one could feel pretty confident that it checks your database for any problems. Or so I thought…until I […]

11 December 2009 4:05 am by
Phil Factor

On Becoming Engrossed by the Technology


Sometimes, one sits back from the screen, pushes back the keyboard, and thinks ‘I’ve done a good job there’. But is a victory over technology always going to cut any ice with the customer?It often seems to take the participants by surprise when an IT development project slips its dates; sometimes it is the developers […]

7 December 2009 10:59 am by
Laila Lotfi

What should you use to build a large scalable website?


If you were required to build a high-performance website with a great deal of traffic, what technology would you use? What is the most effective way to build a website? One’s initial thoughts are about the scripting language to use. When one looks at the highest-volume websites in the Alexa top 20, the technologies still […]

3 December 2009 10:05 am by

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