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2009 October


Something Spooky at Red Gate


It’s not unusual to be sitting at your desk at Red Gate and hear a cheer erupt from a post-lunch game of foosball that has been played with the momentum of an Olympic match, or indeed, the rhythmic patter of a table tennis ball going from one opponent to the next. But the sound of […]

30 October 2009 6:00 am by
Charles Lee

Using a People Picker in SharePoint Workflow Initiation


Creating a workflow from SharePoint Designer is limiting in many ways, but it’s also very quick and easy, and it covers a large majority of every day scenarios. One of the major flaws for me has always been the inability to select ‘Person’ as a data type for an initiation variable (assuming that this would […]

28 October 2009 9:11 am by
Tony Davis

SQL Server Sheep Ticks


The doggedness with which certain SQL Server "myths" cling to the coat of the SQL Server community is really quite astonishing. They are the proverbial "sheep ticks"; very annoying and incredibly difficult to dislodge. And even when you think you’ve managed it, their embedded jaws remain to provoke further irritation. A classic case in point […]

28 October 2009 6:09 am by
John Magnabosco

Louisville SQL Saturday

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It was early morning on Saturday, October 24th when some of my friends and I piled into my Jeep, with coffee in hand, for an enjoyable road trip from Indy to the Louisville SQL Saturday event. Enroute we all enjoyed great conversations ranging from the pros and cons of virtualization to the upcoming Colts football […]

25 October 2009 4:41 pm by
Michael Francis

Virtual disks for the flop-buster


Vista Service Pack 3, as we like to call Windows 7, is worth getting if you are stuck with Vista.  Why?  Well, Vista was Microsoft’s first real product failure since Windows ME.  Windows 7 repairs the damage. It is not as fast as good old XP Service Pack 3, but it is easier to escape […]

22 October 2009 11:48 am by

Marketing Day Out

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Imagine waking up with the knowledge that the day ahead will be one to remember, but not being entirely sure what to expect. This was certainly the case for the Marketing team who looked forward to their day-out on 15th October 2009. Each of the teams here at Red Gate have the opportunity to take […]

22 October 2009 8:02 am by
Charles Lee

Programmatically uploading an image to a SharePoint Picture Library


SharePoint’s ability to store and maintain libraries of resources (such as images, documents and other files) is a very useful weapon in a SharePoint developer’s arsenal. In this article I will show how you can leverage the power of a Picture Library to store uploaded content for use across your Site Collection. It’s fairly simple […]

21 October 2009 7:54 am by
Phil Factor

Moving Down in the World of Work


You know how it is, you’re racing to finish a nice software product that you feel sure is going to be a hit. Then the phone rings “Hi. Bruce here at PersonnelFinder International. How are you doing?” “Oh go boil your head, Bruce!” “No, Phil, you’re supposed to say ‘fine, thanks’, and I say ‘Good, […]

19 October 2009 8:16 am by
Tony Davis

The SSRS 2008 Minefield


One of the big advances in Microsoft’s "2008 platform", with regard to Reporting Services, was that there would be a single, consistent Report Definition Language (RDL) across all the products. This means that reports developed in Report Builder can be shared with reports developed in BIDS, and vice-versa. While one can immediately appreciate the advantages […]

16 October 2009 7:11 am by

Red Gate is 10!


We’ve never been known to miss out on a chance to celebrate, so we had an office birthday party. We kicked things off with a company group photo. Now, getting 150 people into one shot isn’t easy, but Dom our resident photographer/Usability Specialist was up to the challenge. We filled the ground floor reception and […]

16 October 2009 2:43 am by
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