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2009 September

Matt Lee

Why ASP.NET MVC is better – using ‘Hello’ as an example


In this second post about Hello (the first can be found here), I’m going to use one of the more complex portions of the app, the event front page, to illustrate some of the various parts of MVC which make writing web apps more intuitive. The web app of the Hello project was written in […]

30 September 2009 10:12 am by
John Magnabosco

Strong Password Generator


Frank, the DBA, has been asked to create a series of passwords that will be used to protect a collection of symmetric keys. These keys will in turn be used to protect some sensitive data in a database. Frank knows that the expectation is that these passwords will need to be strong passwords. Using the […]

30 September 2009 5:21 am by
Laerte Junior

Monitoring Table Growth with PowerShell


I have quite a few SQL servers, and monitoring the growth of tables on them is a real hassle. I finally got tired of it and decided to build my own solution which, given my scenario, had to have these features: All the collected data had to be stored in a separate server from the […]

29 September 2009 4:06 am by
Damon Armstrong

TechFest Houston Slides and Source Code


TechFest Houston was a blast, and if you came out to my presentation on Simpliyfing Web Part Development or dropped by the Cogent booth, then I would like to say thank you! The presentation slides and demo source code can be downloaded below.

28 September 2009 11:32 am by
Robert Chipperfield

Cloning objects the quick and dirty way


Working in .NET, a lot of the objects I use implement ISerializable – very handy when it comes to throwing them around using .NET Remoting and the like. In my slightly more evil (or is it lazy?) moments, I tend to “re-purpose” this for a lightweight clone mechanism…It’s quite common when writing test code to […]

25 September 2009 10:09 am by
Roger Hart

Technical communications – the business of eliminating poetry?


I just got back from the Technical Communication UK conference. It was pretty good, with excellent presentations from (among others) Chris Atherton, Gordon McLean, Matthew Ellison, and Kath Straub. Looking back over my notes, for Kath Straub’s presentation Reading between the words… Using text formatting to increases persuasiveness and actionability of copy I’ve written: “O […]

25 September 2009 6:31 am by
Brad M McGehee

15-25% Off SQL Server Microsoft Certification Exams


Microsoft is offering from 15-25% off selected Microsoft Certification Exams. In order to receive the discount, you must register, schedule, and purchase the discounted exams by December 31, 2009. Visit here for more information. Here are the discounts available for the SQL Server Exams: 15% Off 70-432 70-433 70-448 20% Off 70-445 25% Off 70-450 […]

24 September 2009 2:34 pm by
Michael Francis

Water Pity: Planning for the Worst


Few SysAdmins would have watched the recent Youtube video of the sudden flooding of Vodafone’s data center In Ýstanbul (Istanbul), Turkey, without feeling considerable alarm. A CCTV camera captures the moment when employees start to respond to the fact that the floor is covered with a thin smear of water, and continues to records impassively […]

24 September 2009 10:32 am by
Alex Davies

Debugging your interaction with other people’s code – Reflector Pro is in EAP!


If you’re read Bart or Clive‘s blog recently, you might be as excited as I am about the next version of Reflector that we’re working on..NET Reflector is great for working out what on earth is going on in the framework or third party code you work with every day. But when you’re right in […]

22 September 2009 3:25 am by
Damon Armstrong

.NET on the iPhone?

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Ty Anderson just shot me a link to MonoTouch (, a product that allows you to develop IPhone software using Microsoft’s .NET Framework.  You’ll still need a Mac, the Apple iPhone SDK, and to be a member of the Apple iPhone Developer Program, but it’s still pretty cool that it lets you use your current […]

18 September 2009 4:39 pm by
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