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2009 August

Michael Francis

When the Law Moves More Slowly than the Problem

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Emails are causing problems. Based on a survey of 220 large US companies in 2008, 43% reported that they had investigated an email-based leak of confidential information, and nearly a third had terminated the employment of an employee for violating company email policies. Over a third of the companies were so concerned about the loss […]

28 August 2009 7:10 am by
Phil Factor

Drawing Block-graphs from Stored Procedures.


‘Ridiculous,’ he commented, ‘you’ll be saying it is possible to draw graphs from stored procedures next!’ I’d been talking to the guy about keeping an open mind about what was possible at the database level. He didn’t like my ‘can-do’ attitude to database development. I didn’t bother to tell him it was a ‘dun-it’ attitude: […]

23 August 2009 2:21 pm by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector Support: Is it possible to sort the list of assemblies?


Yes, it absolutely is, but you’ll need to install Jason Haley’s AssemblyCollection.Sort add-in. You can find this on Jason’s site here: If you’re unsure how to go about installing add-ins, please refer to Andrew Clarke’s article on using .NET Reflector add-ins at:

21 August 2009 1:06 pm by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector Support: Why does .NET Reflector auto-update itself?


We’re asked about this fairly regularly, so I thought it was about time I posted up our position on it here. There are two main reasons: The auto-update means that we can roll out improvements to all users. So far, that’s meant the occasional bug fix, but for some time we’ve been working on some […]

21 August 2009 9:12 am by
John Magnabosco

Varchar and NVarchar


Another trip with Mr. Peabody’s WABAC Machine unearthed a valuable blog entry that I posted before my Simple-Talk blogging days. This one is somewhat of a “Back to the basics” style blog entry that I thought would be worth sharing once again. Enjoy! If you peruse quotes and philosophies of very successful people it will […]

21 August 2009 5:31 am by
Tony Davis

In Defence of Defensive programming


The relational data model is 40 years old this month, and SQL is not much younger. By any standards, it is a mature, well-documented and well-understood language. So why do we still find SQL code in production that lacks resilience, is so vulnerable to breakage due to unexpected usage patterns, small changes in schema design, […]

21 August 2009 5:28 am by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector Support: How can I tell which overload of a method is being called in the decompiled source code?


Many methods in .NET code are overloaded. For example, the PipeStream method on the StreamPiper class, in figure 1, has four overloads. Figure 1. The .NET Reflector browser, showing overloads of the PipeStream method on the StreamPiper class. So, when you find one of these methods used in the decompiled source code, how do you […]

19 August 2009 8:44 am by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector Support: How can I set breakpoints in the code I’ve decompiled when debugging?


I see this question come up from time to time in the .NET Reflector mailbox, so I’m going to make a stab at a sensible answer that’s more than just a some marketing fluff piece, because there are alternatives, although it’s debatable how realistic they are. You basically have three options: Create a debug build […]

19 August 2009 6:47 am by
Laila Lotfi

Models, Views, and Controllers: ASP.NET MVC


The poor application programmer, chipping away contentedly in Winforms or Webforms, is often heard to groan whenever a new Microsoft product is announced. Silverlight (Groan), WPF (Groan), MVC (Groan) Hah! They caught you out there: what they have delivered with MVC is a design pattern, not a new technology, and it is free. The ASP.NET […]

13 August 2009 10:28 am by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector Support: How do I report a bug in one of the add-ins?

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The best way to report a bug in an add-in is to contact the add-in author directly. Andrew Clarke maintains a list of add-ins, along with links to their homepages here: You should be able to contact add-in authors via the homepages for their add-ins. If the add-in is hosted on CodePlex, you can […]

11 August 2009 12:37 pm by
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