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2009 June

Roger Hart

How to Recognise Different Types of Trees from Quite a Long Way Away


At last night’s Information Design Association presentation, David Sless talked about benchmarking research for credit card statements. This was quite interesting. Almost as interesting was that he seemed at near circumloquitous pain to avoid the word “usability”. I can’t help but think that this may be a problem. At the IDA conference this year, David […]

30 June 2009 3:51 am by
Tony Davis

The Fall and Rise of Log Shipping


When Database Mirroring was introduced in SQL Server 2005, it seemed reasonable to assume that log shipping would gradually go out of fashion. Mirroring is a way of introducing high-availability to SQL Server by allowing the secondary server to become the main server instantly, in a way that is invisible to the applications using the […]

25 June 2009 7:10 am by
Alex Davies

Learning by doing – an experimental memory profiling tutorial


Through the development of ANTS Memory Profiler 5, we realised that the most serious barrier to customers wanting to buy memory profilers was how complex and hard-to-understand memory profiling is.It happened that, for other reasons, I’d architected the memory profiler UI as a reusable component. Halfway though the project, I had the idea to use […]

25 June 2009 4:22 am by
Laila Lotfi

The Exceptional DBA – A Developer’s Perspective


What makes an exceptional DBA? It depends on who you ask. In his book, How to become an Exceptional DBA, Brad McGehee gives his perspective on what it means to be a DBA, and the skills and traits that distinguish the exceptional DBA. It is the first time that anyone within the profession has spelled […]

22 June 2009 3:13 pm by
Doctor Dionysus

The Shareholders Report


In the boardroom that morning it almost seemed as if our company was staging a re-enactment of a Stalinist show trial. Across from me sat my beleaguered colleagues, their sullen and despondent faces trembling in terror as my CEO digested the dismal sales figures for the financial year. As he raised his bloodshot eyes from […]

22 June 2009 5:12 am by
John Magnabosco

Deprecated Symmetric Algorithms


Creating a symmetric key for the use of protecting other keys or directly encrypting sensitive data is accomplished through the execution of the CREATE SYMMETRIC KEY command. One of the arguments to this command is WITH ALGORITHM which provides the means to select the algorithm used to generate the key. There are many options available […]

21 June 2009 8:41 pm by
Bart Read

Keeping it simple, not stupid: ANTS Memory Profiler 5 is out!


During our usability trials for ANTS Memory Profiler 5, one of our customers said that to do memory profiling “you’ll need a PhD and two days set aside.” Hmm… ANTS Memory Profiler 5? 2 days and a Phd?!? More like an hour and a half, and maybe some coffee, if you like (the coffee’s optional). […]

19 June 2009 2:01 am by
Michael Francis

Exchange 2007 and the GUI Mess


There’ve been a lot of interesting articles about PowerShell on Simple-Talk lately, but when I brought the topic up in conversation with our SysAdmin here at Red Gate, I discovered that not all technical masterminds think in command-line statements. I asked Simon if he could explain his thoughts in a guest editorial, and here’s what […]

18 June 2009 9:36 am by
David Atkinson

Red Gate consults the Oracle (developers and DBAs)


We know that Oracle developers and DBAs face many of the same challenges as those who work with SQL Server. We know it’s frustrating to compare and deploy database schemas across different environments. And we know that we can help – but only if we take the time to understand exactly what you guys NEED. […]

12 June 2009 9:17 am by
Tony Davis

In Praise of the Common DBA

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DBAs, like many other IT professionals, often take instruction in how to do their job from people who have no recent experience in their profession. How has this come about? Such is the huge task of assimilating and ordering facts about any new technology that the people who publish books and articles, or who give […]

11 June 2009 8:11 am by
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