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2009 May

Bob Cramblitt

Top four challenges for DBAs: Will they change in 2009?


With the kickoff of nominations for 2009′s Exceptional DBA Awards about two weeks away, it’s a good time to revisit the challenges faced by last year’s nominees and solicit opinions on whether they are still valid. As a communications consultant in 2008′s Exceptional DBA Awards team, I was able to review all the nominations. I […]

29 May 2009 9:13 am by
Tony Davis

Raisin the Game: SQL Server 2008 Release 2

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Microsoft’s recent policy of Glasnost has meant that we now enjoy direct, technical communications about their products from the people responsible for building them. In the bad old days, when all communication was filtered through the obfuscating glass of the marketing department, one would read through the gobbledygook of the marketing press releases, glean what […]

29 May 2009 5:49 am by
John Magnabosco

Laptops with Wings


I have been subscribing to the OSF Data Loss Feed for well over a year. This feed provides me with brief blasts of information about data loss events that are reported around the world. These data loss events consist of sensitive data that is stolen, lost or carelessly disclosed. This has been a very interesting […]

28 May 2009 4:03 pm by
Phil Factor

We Don’t Need Another Hero


Stan, the SQL Hero, had a meteoric career at the large Financial Services Company where I worked. He burned red-hot when he hit the upper atmosphere of the company, and caused a brief flash before hitting the ground. Stan ‘the man’ was a Sybase and SQL Server expert. Over a quiet glass of wine in […]

22 May 2009 10:53 am by
Laila Lotfi

How Slow is ‘Slow’?


One of the most interesting throw-away lines at the recent TechEd show was that Entity Framework was about four times slower than LINQ for SQL, because Entity Framework was a generic solution that could be used with a variety of data stores, and wasn’t optimized for SQL Server. This set us thinking about what the […]

21 May 2009 12:05 pm by
Doctor Dionysus

The Strategic Vision


To the huddled masses of men it was as if the God of war himself had stage-managed the scene. As the thunder of the guns died away, a light breeze suddenly sprang up and began to carry away the clouds of smoke obscuring the battlefield, revealing the massed ranks of Pickett’s legions as they marched […]

20 May 2009 12:54 pm by
Michael Francis

We finally did it!


We’ve finally done it! We’ve released our Exchange archiving tool after 18 months of research, development, usability studies and testing. 219,115 Lines of code 19,485  Subscribers to Simple Talk Exchange 15,144  Words of documentation 2713    Builds 1709    Issues closed 1289    Bugs fixed 300     Sales leads 290     Members of the SysAdmin Network 248 […]

19 May 2009 8:52 am by
John Magnabosco

Requirement 3 of PCI DSS


There are many good reasons to protect the sensitive data that is in your database: government regulation, corporate policy, managing legal liability and simply being a good steward of the information that has been entrusted to you. There are also industry standards defined and enforced by non-governmental agencies that dictate the management of sensitive data. […]

16 May 2009 1:37 pm by
Bart Read

T Minus 4 Weeks: ANTS Memory Profiler 5 and ANTS Performance Profiler 5 Betas Now Available


Red Gate’s performance and memory profilers may have gone through a complex and protracted divorce, but they’re still the best of friends… Within the next few weeks the new versions of our, now separate, performance and memory profilers will be ready for launch. We’ve made a few tweaks to ANTS Performance Profiler, and added a […]

15 May 2009 10:40 am by
Tony Davis

One Shell to Rule Them All (and in the darkness bind them)


It has been obvious for a while that Powershell 2 was going to be strongly supported as the natural scripting language for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. It comes with interesting new features, such as the ability to execute scripts on remote systems and write native “ScriptCmdlets”. What’s more it now has a […]

14 May 2009 6:06 am by
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