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2009 April

Tony Davis

Why Most Developers are Rubbish at Estimating


Recently, a local builder handed me an estimate for some construction work on my home. Once my eyes had stopped watering, he calmly explained to me that I wasn’t paying him for what he could do, so much as what he knew. He’d been in the trade for 30 years. “That” he declared, pointing at […]

28 April 2009 12:04 pm by
Doctor Dionysus

The Defaced Masterpiece


‘I asked for a ****ing big button! Where the **** is my big button?!?’ thundered my CEO, his face shifting seamlessly from its usual pale and unhealthy complexion to an alarming red.The atmosphere in the office changed abruptly; we scrambled back to our desks and, as one, focussed our attention rigidly on our screens. Our […]

27 April 2009 12:52 pm by
John Magnabosco

Scraped and Bruised


The content of blogs certainly do not fall into the category of sensitive data. They are a collection of thoughts, ideas and bits of shared knowledge that are placed in a very public location. Despite not being considered sensitive the information provided in a blog remains subject to being stolen and its integrity compromised. Recently […]

26 April 2009 5:09 pm by
Bart Read

Last orders at the bar… well, until the next time anyway

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Earlier on today Steve uploaded our last early access build for ANTS Memory Profiler 5: won’t be making another build available until the official beta, hopefully within the next two to three weeks. Admittedly that’s not too long to wait, but if you were interested in participating in the EA programme, this is your last […]

24 April 2009 11:12 am by
Laila Lotfi

DLR Delight

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Just occasionally, Microsoft produces something so radical and neat that you can’t help but gasp in amazement at the implications. How on earth did that happen? So it has been with the Dynamic Language Runtime. The .NET Framework has been a solid and workmanlike product, but it has been deliberately conservative: It makes it possible […]

24 April 2009 10:14 am by

Splash Screen Psychology


We don’t generally design splash screens for Early Access Builds. But, with our Memory Profiler coming out as an Early Access Build, one of my developers unleashed his pent-up artistic energy on the ANTS Performance Profiler splash screen in order to create a temporary splash screen for the new Memory Profiler. After some desultory scribbling […]

24 April 2009 9:52 am by
John Magnabosco

SQL Experience: The BI Project

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Many of us play a specific role within a project. We may architect a schema based upon requirements that have been gathered by another person. Once the schema is complete, the specifications of that schema is passed on to another group who designs the user interface and reporting. Yet another group performs the final testing, […]

20 April 2009 6:03 am by
Alex Davies

The "Singleton" Design Flaw


In my earlier post I mentioned that there are a couple of design patterns that I think are wholly wrong. The one that I’m most convinced is an abomination is the singleton pattern.The basic idea is that you make a class that should only ever have one instance, and you provide that instance by storing […]

15 April 2009 9:08 am by
Doctor Dionysus

False Economies


A couple of years ago, the small dot com company I work for embarked on a cost-cutting drive. In light of the company’s commitment to the highest coding standards in their products, it was decided that a proper customer services department was a superfluous luxury, and they abandoned all efforts to establish one.   Instead, […]

15 April 2009 4:33 am by
Tony Davis

What is "maintainable code"?


“Maintainable code” does not mean the same thing to a DBA as it does to a developer. Production Support staff will want something altogether different from either. These differing perspectives on maintainability have always been a cause of immense grief to IT projects.   To a developer, maintainable code simply means “code that is easy […]

14 April 2009 11:06 am by
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