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2009 February

Brad M McGehee

Reasons Why You May Not Want to Use a Heap


For a book project I am working on, I have started compiling a list of reasons why heaps aren’t usually a good choice when designing a database. Now, I didn’t say that heaps are always bad, but in most cases, I think they should be avoided (read the list to see why). As I compiled […]

27 February 2009 2:57 pm by
John Magnabosco

Dress in Layers


In my hometown of Indianapolis the Winter weather can get very cold. Earlier in this season we had a day where the temperatures dropped to -12 degrees Fahrenheit. The strategy that is employed when voyaging out into the frozen tundra is to dress in layers. By dressing in layers you are adding protection between your […]

25 February 2009 8:18 pm by
Charles Brown

10 years of C#

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Next week we’re interviewing Anders Hejlsberg – the father of C# – for our sister publication SimpleTalk. We were talking about what questions to ask him, and I suddenly realized how far production programming languages have developed in the last few years. Only a dozen years ago, features like lambda expressions or type inference (and […]

24 February 2009 5:57 am by
Alex Davies

Hello world!


I’m Alex, and I’m going to start writing blog posts when I think of something interesting to say.I’ve been working in the .NET division for five months now, developing ANTS Performance Profiler and ANTS Memory Profiler (and a little bit of Exception Hunter when the mood takes me).Last year I was a computer science student, […]

23 February 2009 10:20 am by
Bart Read

If you’re investigating ASP.NET application performance, this is for you: ANTS Profiler 4.3 has been released

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Technorati Tags: .NET,IIS,performance,ASP.NET As the title of this post suggests, we’ve done a lot of work on ASP.NET support, particularly for anyone profiling with IIS. Get the latest version from here: We’ve totally revamped our IIS support, both simplifying the configuration steps you need to carry out, and dealing with a lot of the […]

19 February 2009 10:46 am by
Andras Belokosztolszki

Why should I rebuild a table after dropping or adding a column?


The amount of space used by table rows can be important, and there are good articles on the web that show ways to estimate the amount of space that a table row uses. However, the actual space used by a table row could be more than what we would have calculated. The problems come when […]

19 February 2009 2:30 am by
John Magnabosco

Things To Know


I was recently tagged in a blog entry from Tim Mitchell titled “Things I Wish I Had Known“. The concept appears to have started with an entry of a similar, but lengthier, title by Mike Walsh and passed along to other SQL bloggers. The idea is to bestow some wisdom that would benefit someone who […]

18 February 2009 8:37 pm by
Tony Davis

In Pursuit of Simplicity


Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) are an incredibly valuable addition to the DBA’s troubleshooting armory, laying bare previously unavailable information regarding the under-the-covers activity of your database sessions. Why, then, aren’t all DBAs using them? Why do even those that do use them speak wistfully about “good old sysprocesses”? It’s because DMVs are so complex that […]

17 February 2009 5:00 am by
Bart Read

Laying the smack down on memory leaks with the first early access build of ANTS Memory Profiler 5


Our first ANTS Memory Profiler 5 early access build is now available, and although it really is a very, very, early build, it’s still fantastic for finding memory leaks, as I discovered when I set it loose on the next release of Exception Hunter in development. In this post I’m going to take you through […]

16 February 2009 1:00 pm by
Reka Burmeister

Issues with a detailed test description


In the Exchange Server Archiver team we recently had a series of discussions among our testers in order to get a common understanding about the form and detail level of a test case. Interestingly, the first issue we hit was the terminology. What is a test suite, test set, test case, test procedure and a […]

16 February 2009 8:08 am by
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