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2008 December

Phil Factor

Publishing to the multitude.


‘And The Lord  spake unto Moses face-to-face as a man speaketh unto his friend’ Exodus XXXIII: 11 JKV   It wasn’t the cool wind on top of Mount Sinai that caused Moses to shiver, it was panic. As the smoke that engulfed the summit briefly cleared, Moses had anxiously looked at the stone tablets.  They […]

21 December 2008 1:30 pm by
Tony Davis

Bar-Poo for DBAs and Developers


DBAs and Developers seem to live in parallel universes. If and when they talk to each other, the air is often thick with misunderstanding. It seems that what we have here is a deep-seated communication problem. Although the two groups share a common technical language, they use terms slightly differently. A ‘domain’, ‘transaction’, ‘object’, ‘entity’ […]

19 December 2008 7:31 am by
John Magnabosco

Documenting Data Classification with Extended Properties


Data classification is an important process of securing data. Without it there cannot be a consistent security policy implemented. At the end of this process each target object is assigned a level the indicates its classification. This classification can cover many aspects; but for the interest of this blog entry I will focusing on data […]

19 December 2008 6:03 am by
Phil Factor

A Chilling Prophesy


When I was a schoolboy with fantasies about being a successful businessman, I went to a lecture given by one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the time. The white-haired gentleman who gave the lecture was the complete antithesis of what I had expected a successful businessman to look like. He was quiet, courteous, respectful […]

17 December 2008 3:05 pm by
James Moore

What’s cooking?


In the most recent issue of the economist’s “Technology Quarterly” there is an article about one of the oldest inventions ever – the humble cooking stove. Why was this important, but decidedly “low-tech”, device being featured alongside netbooks, botnets and exafloods?   The article described a project for producing stoves for refugees in Darfur. The […]

16 December 2008 10:16 am by
John Magnabosco

Biometric Data Sensitivity


It is very common to classify data such as a Federal Identification Number as sensitive. It is considered such because it is unique to the individual and is often used to gain access to additional data. Biometrics, in many cases, also uniquely identifies an individual due to being based upon their physical aspects. The use […]

15 December 2008 7:46 pm by
Robert Chipperfield

Test-driven scalability in Exchange Server Archiver

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I’ve recently been working on Red Gate’s new Exchange Server Archiver tool. Earlier on in the development process, I was developing part of the Archive Service (the component responsible for extracting messages from Exchange Server and passing them over to be stored). As with all Red Gate projects, we involve testers from a very early […]

15 December 2008 11:41 am by
Bart Read

.NET Reflector update


Since we announced the acquisition of .NET Reflector it’s been pretty quiet, or at least I imagine that’s how it seems from the outside. What we’ve actually been doing is collecting and sifting feedback, and familiarising ourselves with the source code, which has been remarkably easy given the amount of it there is thanks to […]

15 December 2008 7:34 am by
Tony Davis

Microsoft and the Grid


David DeWitt and his team at Microsoft have been exploring the ‘next frontier’ of architectures for building the parallel and scalable database systems that will be needed to support the “petabyte” data warehouse. The way forward is the “share nothing” grid architecture, which will underpin the likes of Madison, and will offer Commodity SMPs connected […]

9 December 2008 6:51 am by
Rodney Landrum

The Holy Scrolling NO WAY Gold Nugget (Script Data) SSMS 2008


Tonight, I set about blogging about something I thought was interesting, funny and marginally useful (IFmU)…or wait…funny, useful and marginally interesting (FUmI). Part of the blog post I had envisioned would be to create a database, it’s objects and data to reproduce the FUmI that I wanted to impart. However…as I was creating said database I stumbled […]

8 December 2008 8:21 pm by
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