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2008 November

Phil Factor

The art of lifting things


As part of the mystical ‘induction’ process for my latest job, I was given instruction on how to lift weights. I admit to being puzzled by this. Has today’s youth managed to survive to adulthood without grounding in this simple art? Old codgers like me are forever looking hopefully for signs of degeneracy in youth […]

30 November 2008 8:02 am by
Brad M McGehee

How to Hone Your DBA Skill Set


In this article, we examine the various ingredients that will help you establish a successful career as a DBA, and then contribute to your long-term career success. Formal Education – you don’t need a degree in database administration, but a solid computer technology background will help Getting Experience – getting experience as a new DBA […]

29 November 2008 6:36 pm by
Jason Crease

Nullable Structs – An interesting ‘Gotcha’


One of the interesting new features in C# 2.0 was nullable valuetypes.  Using these, you can set valuetypes to a value, or null.  Their usage is entirely straightforward.  For instance, to use a nullable int simply declare a variable of type int?, and then set it to a value or null.   Behind the scenes, […]

26 November 2008 11:11 am by

PASS Potpourri


Our expert team of conference-goers recently returned from PASS, and laughed in the face of jet-lag to fill us in on a varied taste of what went on during these last few non-stop days in Seattle. I’ll open to floor to the lovely Claire, who reminisces about the good times… The SQL Server Central party, complete […]

25 November 2008 1:01 pm by
Tony Davis

The Battle Against Lawless Database Design


One of the most entertaining sessions I attended at the recent PASS conference was “Much Ado: A Panel discussion about Nothing”. I never fail to be amazed by the passion and energy that a bunch of database guys will put into a debate about “don’t know” (null), and its many nuances.   This debate inevitably can […]

25 November 2008 10:38 am by
Phil Factor

The Devil’s manual for IT Managers: Part 5. Looking busy.


The Devils Manual for IT Managers Part 5: Looking Busy This is the fifth in my series of hints for aspiring IT managers. Here, we tell you how to look busy and efficient, Note the previous four blogs in the series Part 1: How to prevent Initiatives Part 2: Irregular verbs for IT managers Part […]

23 November 2008 1:43 pm by
John Magnabosco

TDE: Under The Hood With Disabling TDE

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It is indeed that time of the year when the love of American Football can be reflected through using its terms in metaphors for everything from life, politics, relationships, and in this case… Transparent Database Encryption (TDE). Life is not series of running plays After careful consideration, evaluation, and research the decision to implement TDE […]

21 November 2008 8:07 am by

Red Gate’s first Blood Brother

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Being a Community Marketeer can be a tough road some days, but I think the highlight of my career arrived in my inbox today. We like to show love for our friends … and this friend returned the passion in spades, and permanent spades at that! Rodney Landrum, you truly are Red Gate’s first blood […]

20 November 2008 10:58 am by
Tony Davis

PASS 2008 Keynote, Part 2: Kilimanjaro, Madison and Gemini


Ted Kummert opened by reiterating the message of Microsoft’s increased level of support for the PASS conference, and introduced members of the SQLCAT team who were in attendance. Ted’s data storage division needed to consider four main “pillars” of development:   Enterprise data platform ­ — Ted mentioned security advances and a few other things […]

19 November 2008 1:22 pm by
Tony Davis

PASS 2008 Keynote, Part 1: Wayne Snyder


This is the first full day of the PASS 2008 conference in the wonderful city of Seattle. After a great pre-con with Bob Beauchemin, a lively SQLServerCentral party and a severe attack of jet lag, I emerged bleary-eyed for the Wednesday morning Keynote address Usually I like to listen, digest and then blog, but through […]

19 November 2008 11:11 am by
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