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2008 September

Tony Davis

And so it came to PASS…


On 18-21 November this year, in the great city of Seattle, PASS will be holding their 10th annual conference. If you work with SQL Server, you should attend if you possibly can. It’s an independently-organized summit, but with the hand of Microsoft firmly up its sweater. This means plenty of real-world technical sessions from community […]

30 September 2008 6:10 am by

Simply different: ingenious!


Having seen Chris’ post yesterday, I thought I’d bring another perspective to the table. I joined Red Gate a few weeks ago, and from all I’d learned before joining I thought it was a cracking company, doing things in a different way. In particular I think it’s taking the consumer-led approach to products and business […]

30 September 2008 6:00 am by
John Magnabosco

Data In The Cloud

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Back in 2001, I attended a seminar in which Microsoft introduced the .NET Framework. I distinctly remember the discussion surrounding the concept of software being offered as a service via the Internet. Over the years there has been many offerings in this regard and more potential customers of this option have grown accustomed to and […]

29 September 2008 9:06 pm by
Brad M McGehee

Keep Up-to-Date on SQL Server with These RSS Feeds


The Internet includes a huge amount of SQL Server content, but much of it is hard to find. One of the ways I try to keep up is to follow a large number SQL Server-related RSS feeds using a RSS Feed Reader. Some of these feeds are very active, while others only add content on […]

29 September 2008 8:52 am by

New Kid on the Block

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I only recently joined Red Gate, and when I found out I was being offered the job I was already pretty excited. After all, they’ve actually got awards for being a great place to work. But then, something happened which completely changed how I thought about the company. Specifically, I stopped thinking about it as […]

29 September 2008 8:50 am by
Brad M McGehee

Can Social Networking Help Your DBA Career?


In previous blog entries, I have talked about the importance of managing your online brand. One important part of this is participation in social networking websites. If you are not yet familiar with the term, social networking refers to websites that are designed to make it easy for people to share information about themselves, and […]

28 September 2008 2:30 pm by
Brad M McGehee

SQL Server 2008 Cumulative Update Package 1 Available


It seems it was almost yesterday when SQL Server 2008 went RTM. And now, less than 60 days after 2008 was released, Microsoft has released Cumulative Update Package 1, which includes 78 hot fixes. You can see the entire list here. As is the general rule of thumb, it is not recommended that you install […]

26 September 2008 4:53 am by
Brad M McGehee

SQLPASS Has New Website


After a very long wait, SQLPASS has introduced its new website ( If you were a previous member of PASS, you should have received an e-mail with your new username and password. If you thought you were a member, but did not receive the e-mail, you will need to register again. The website sports a […]

25 September 2008 2:11 pm by
Brad M McGehee

How to Script a Profiler Trace for Use as a SQL Trace Data Collection Set for the SQL Server 2008 Performance Data Collector


  In SQL Server 2008, a new feature called the Performance Data Collector was added. It has the ability to collect SQL Server-related performance data, store it in a database called the Management Data Warehouse, and then produce various performance reports based on the collected data. By default, the Performance Data Collector includes three different […]

25 September 2008 10:37 am by
Brian Donahue

ASP .NET: when a crash is not a crash


In the mysterious viscera of Microsoft Internet Information Server, nothing is as it seems. When applications are designed to work over the web, they must bristle with all sorts of bits designed to make the stateless stateful and many users become one inside the web server’s inner sanctum. What I am talking about are the fundamental […]

24 September 2008 4:39 am by
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