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2008 August

Brad M McGehee

Get a Free Copy of My New E-Book: Brad’s Sure Guide to SQL Server 2008: The Top Ten New Features for DBAs


I have just finished writing a new E-Book, and it is available free from Red Gate Software at the following URL: The goal of my new 112 page book is not to teach you everything you need to know about SQL Server 2008. If that was the case, it would be about 10 times […]

31 August 2008 9:18 pm by
Brad M McGehee

Take Some Time this Fall to Boost Your Skill Set


As DBAs, we have a lot to keep up with. While the most obvious new skill we need to master is SQL Server 2008 (including the Database Engine, SSIS, Reporting Services & Analysis Services), there is Windows 2008, server and SAN hardware technology, development skills, soft skills (such as project management & communications), and much […]

29 August 2008 3:37 pm by
Brad M McGehee

DBA in Red


Careers don’t always go to plan. I never actually planned to have my face appearing in advertisements on SQL Server and ASP sites around the Internet and in printed publications. In fact, it still takes me by surprise when I come across them. It really is me, and it is just one part of an […]

28 August 2008 7:47 am by
Bart Read

9 Top tips for ISVs to get me to (maybe) buy your software


I’ve been looking around, off and on, for a decent piece of test management software to replace the current piece of junk software that we use. This has involved visiting lots of ISV websites which have, frankly, made me miserable and ill-tempered. I’m starting to think that such a wondrous piece of software doesn’t exist, […]

27 August 2008 12:59 pm by
Andras Belokosztolszki

SQL Server 2008: Table-valued parameters


Table-valued types and parameters are among the many exciting new features of the recently released SQL Server 2008. These table-valued types allow you to pass table data to stored procedures and functions. But why is this useful? In previous versions of SQL Server one could pass parameters to stored procedures and functions. A single parameter […]

27 August 2008 11:10 am by

Marketing from the ground up

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How do you market a product that doesn’t exist to people that you don’t know, in places you can’t find? This has been our basic problem in marketing Exchange Server Archiver. As a newly-arrived summer intern, I was pretty confused. I had a list of instructions, saying things like ‘research Exchange user groups and bloggers’. […]

21 August 2008 8:17 am by
Tony Davis

SQL Server 2008: Refinement but no Fireworks


The SQL Server platform expanded substantially with the arrival of SQL Server 2005, introducing many features that people now rely on every day (Try-Catch error handling, DDL triggers), as well as a few that captured people’s attention but ultimately left many scratching their heads (CLR integration).   SQL Server 2008, just released, is not a […]

18 August 2008 9:52 am by
Brian Donahue

Object-level recovery from backup is here!


Version 7 of the Red Gate SQL Comparison SDK has finally brought the possibility of recovering individual objects from a Microsoft SQL Server backup to a live database. I found this an exciting opportunity to flex the old noggin and design a program that can restore schema and associated data from a backup file to a real […]

16 August 2008 6:04 am by
Brian Donahue

Man eats crow, film at eleven


Last week I’d had a bit of a rant here about not using software for anything other than what it is designed to do. Thinking back, though, I have done this quite a few times myself, particularly by employing a code profiler to do the job of a debugger. When good software goes bad, the right […]

12 August 2008 4:57 am by
Bart Read

ANTS Profiler 4 Beta: The facelift is almost complete


ANTS Profiler has shed forty pounds and had a boob job. With the bandages about to come off we take a closer look at the performance profiler, and why you need it, and we’ll see that the changes are more than just cosmetic. This is no desperate granny trying to reclaim her lost youth.Before I […]

7 August 2008 4:56 am by
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