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2008 July

Elliot Matthew

Compare To Backup in SQL Compare

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SQL Compare 7 was an exciting release for us; not only did we manage to add full support for SQL Server 2008 (before Microsoft released it !) and fix loads of bugs, we managed to find enough time to implement Compare to Backup functionality. Compare is now able to transparently handle both native (SQL Server […]

21 July 2008 11:54 am by
Tony Davis

The myth of over-normalization


I’ve always been suspicious of denormalizing an OLTP database. Denormalisation is a strange activity that is supposed to take place after a database has been normalized, and is assumed to be necessary in order to reduce the number of joins in queries to a tolerable level. C.J. Date is quite clear on this; well, he […]

21 July 2008 10:36 am by
Jason Crease

A Quick .NET Puzzle


Just a quick .NET puzzle.  Does this application ever throw that ApplicationException?  If so, why? using System;using System.Threading;class Program{    static long Num = 0;    static void Main(string[] args)    {        Thread t1 = new Thread(ModifyNum);        t1.Start();        while (true)        {            long k = Num;            if (k != -1 && k != 0) throw new ApplicationException(                “k is not -1 or 0.  It is ” + k.ToString());        }    }    static void ModifyNum()    {        while (true)        {            if (Num == […]

17 July 2008 12:17 pm by
Bart Read

The last ANTS Profiler 4 early access build is out


A quick update; last night I posted the final ANTS Profiler early access build. You can get it from: features and updates include:Visual Studio add-in, supporting Visual Studio 2005 and 2008Performance counter selection in setup dialog, and switching on timelineThread selectionChild process selection, although this is admittedly rather flakyPrinting the call graphExporting the call graph […]

15 July 2008 10:00 am by
Andrew Clarke

Pasting code into a Blog.


One reason that I often hear for the apparent inability of certain people to blog is that there is no way for Community Server to display code. It isn’t actually that hard. The obvious choice is to use Phil Factor’s prettifier. It is the reason he wrote it. If you need to show exactly what […]

15 July 2008 2:45 am by
Bart Read

ANTS Profiler 4: Where are we now?


Over the past week or so there has been a definite sea change in the way we’ve been working on the project. Up until now we’ve been focussing on getting the major functionality implemented, collecting user feedback through the early access programme, and using remote usability sessions—sometimes with hilarious results—and then making changes based on […]

8 July 2008 11:15 am by
Tony Davis

VB.NET: The Ugly Duckling


One of the greatest pleasures of programming in C# is that wonderful, giddy, feeling of superiority one has over VB.NET programmers. In C#, one has a vague awareness that what one is doing has elegance and style. It must be the effect of the curly braces. By contrast, VB.NET steadfastly maintains its status as the […]

8 July 2008 5:35 am by

From Waterfall to Scrum


From Waterfall to Scrum How do you scale your development processes?   Once upon a time Red Gate had a single development team. It was small enough to write software for a new product by doing a few iterations of the more traditional waterfall method.   We now have something like eight development projects, 13 […]

1 July 2008 6:15 am by

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