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2008 May

Phil Factor

When the fever is over, and one’s work is done.


There comes a time in the life of anyone working with databases when they are struck with a peculiar mental aberration. For want of a better term, it is usually called ‘One True Lookup syndrome’ or OTLS. It is in the same league as the rather more severe affliction ‘EAV disease’ (Entity Attribute Value). It […]

29 May 2008 4:17 am by
Tony Davis

The Object-oriented Orthodoxy and the DBA


Server Management Objects (SMO) is a very impressive product. SMO (and its previous incarnation, SQL-DMO) is essentially an object-oriented interface into the management of SQL Server installations and databases. It provides an intuitive way for the VB or C# programmer to automate any operation that can be performed via SSMS.   We’ve run a few […]

27 May 2008 11:11 am by
Richard Mitchell

Been a bit busy lately


What I learned lately – by Richard Mitchell Aged 32 3/4.1. When you’re managing a large project team don’t expect to get 4 days coding done a week.2. Designing a UI that people can use is much harder than it seems.3. Hire the right people and they’ll work wonders.4. I can’t pronounce Hungarian names.5. Or […]

22 May 2008 2:36 am by
Nigel Rivett

New way to use up time


Hello all, My first attempt at a blog. Well second actually – I’ve just created another one for myself at Anyway I’m trying to concentrate a bit more on contributing to this fine site. I recently published an article on identities – it contains info that I would expect most people to know already […]

20 May 2008 11:08 pm by
Tony Davis

The DBA Daily Checklist


The average DBA has to perform many routine checks on his or her servers. There will be daily checks, weekly checks and, probably, monthly checks. A short while ago, we were having quite a debate about what items would be on the DBA Daily checklist. Because we all like lists with ten items in them, […]

13 May 2008 9:56 am by
Bart Read

Looking over the developers’ shoulders: ANTS Performance Profiler 4 – our first proper early access build


For those of you with the stomach for this kind of thing, today, for the first time, we’ve made available a bleeding edge build of a product in development. We did admittedly trial this with Exception Hunter 1.1, but we kept it pretty quiet because it really was a bit of an experiment on many […]

12 May 2008 8:37 am by
Robert Chipperfield

Event, sit! Event, staaaay…

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One of the great features in .NET is its event model. I came from a Java world before I started developing C#, and whilst they achieve the same effect using “listeners”, I think C# definitely does it more slickly. That’s not to say I wouldn’t like to be able to do anonymous inner classes in […]

8 May 2008 5:45 am by
Rodney Landrum

SQL Saturday Thoughts and SQL Alphabet


With gas prices here in the panhandle of Florida where I comfortably reside soaring to over $3.60 per gallon, I knew I would spend at least $110 toting myself and my beautiful fiancee from Pensacola to Jacksonville, host city of the most recent SQL Saturday event this past weekend. Another $89.00 per night for 2 […]

5 May 2008 10:52 pm by

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