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2008 April

Tony Davis

Bad Database Security


The Daily WTF recently reported that the Sexual and Violent Offender Registry of Oklahoma had to shut down its website for ‘routine maintenance’. It turns out that this routine maintenance was necessary because 10,597 social security numbers from sex offenders had been downloaded, by SQL injection.   Sadly, this is not an isolated case. There […]

29 April 2008 1:08 pm by
Bart Read

What’s up with ‘using’?


Let me lay my cards on the table right from the start: I don’t like using, and I don’t use it any more (no pun intended). In fact I haven’t for quite some time. In this post I’m going to try to explain why I don’t use it, and why I don’t think you should […]

28 April 2008 11:17 am by
Rodney Landrum

Weekly Status Report and How DBA Managers Lose Their Edge…


So each week, I am required to turn in a weekly status report that demonstrates in summary fashion what I have accomplished the previous week. In a smoothly running SQL infrastructure of even 90+ servers, DBA managers may find themselves in a repetitive rut of similarity week to week.  And for the DBA who reports […]

24 April 2008 3:03 pm by
Andras Belokosztolszki

SQL Server 2008: New languages and older operating systems


SQL Server 2008 introduces a few new languages like Welsh, Tibetan and Norwegian. While these new languages map to the codepages in Windows Server 2008, in earlier operating systems (like XP) this is not so, and simple queries like “select * from mytable” can break with the SQL error 4078. The problem occurs if you […]

21 April 2008 5:36 am by
Damon Armstrong

Avoid Parenthesis in VS 2005/2008 Web Site Project Paths


I was developing against a web site project — you know the ones in Visual Studio 2005/2008 where you can just point to a directory and do your thing (as compared to a web application project with an actual project file) — and I noticed something a bit odd.  When I compiled the project the […]

19 April 2008 12:44 am by
Tony Davis

The best and worst ways to optimize your code


I was chatting to Phil Factor the other day about the slow start-up of some CLR applications. He started telling me, with apparent irrelevance, how he once, a long time ago, developed a database system in Z80 assembler code and a large eight-inch floppy disk. The point he was actually making was this: the more […]

16 April 2008 7:55 am by
Phil Factor

TSQL Spam-killer


It’s very refreshing to take a break from a tedious bit of routine code to try out something unusual or tricky. Sometimes one can be quite startled by finding out how easy it is to do in TSQL. Jonathan Snook’s blog is my favourite “developer’s blog” of all. It is packed with ideas. I was […]

11 April 2008 1:53 am by
Phil Factor

The Glittering Concrete


I called in to Red-Gate the other day to see Andrew Clarke, the Simple-Talk subeditor. As I arrived, he was excitedly rummaging in Tony Davis’s shoebox. This shoebox contains several contributions that time forgot. When Tony forgets one of my articles, it is usually his polite way of saying that it is beyond even his […]

2 April 2008 5:01 am by
Andrew Clarke

A Prompt Delivery

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I wandered into Red-Gate’s offices the other day. I’d been momentarily distracted by the autumn leaves, thoughtfully strewn in the hallway, probably by a visiting Zen Buddhist to remind us of the sacred presence of nature even in the Techno Park. Suddenly I was waylaid by the charming Tanya to take part in a bug-hunt. […]

2 April 2008 3:57 am by
Tony Davis

That ain’t a database, it’s a spreadsheet!


“That ain’t a database, it’s a spreadsheet!” From the Sayings of Phil Factor   There is a world of difference between an enterprise-level relational database and a ‘repository of persistent data’. Until you’ve had the experience of dealing with a high-volume, high-transaction database with large amounts of data, the truth of this doesn’t really hit […]

1 April 2008 3:21 am by

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