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2008 March

Andras Belokosztolszki

SQL Compare 7 Beta and peeking into SQL Server backup files


I want to restore only a single table from my database backup. We have been hearing this request from many of our SQL Backup customers. The problem is simple: Given a large database backup and a live database that has a partial “corruption”, e.g. the data in a single table has been accidentally modified and […]

28 March 2008 4:51 am by
Brian Donahue

Po man’s patchworkin’


If you had come of age before Component Object Model as I have, the concept of COM registration seemed rather odd at first glance. Why is your system limited to exactly one application extension which is forced to be backwards-compatible, when, for years, other operating systems have enjoyed the ability to have many versions of […]

27 March 2008 12:03 pm by
Brian Donahue

Optimize Prime


Ever since the dark ages of programming, certain tricks have been implemented in code compilers to eke out the maximum performance from the compiled code, the most important of which is inlining. Put simply, inlining is the process by which a child method is inserted into the parent method in its’ entirety. For larger methods, […]

26 March 2008 12:09 pm by
Brian Donahue

Exceptionally expensive

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Many years ago, when switching from programming in plain old C to the managed environment of .NET Framework, I had discovered exceptions.  The idea was not completely new to me because I’d already seen try/catch blocks in JavaScript and I liked that method of error handling a lot, especially when compared to the ON ERROR […]

26 March 2008 7:09 am by
Nigel Morse

Anonymous delegates rock

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I’m finding I really like C#’s anonymous delegates. I’ve used them several times now in various ways. Normal delegates are already a Good Thing, however basically they are C(++) function pointers with a much nicer syntax. Anonymous delegates do clever things like having the ability to access local variables.  This just provides some syntactic sugar […]

18 March 2008 12:33 pm by
Dan J Archer

If you see SID, tell him


As a small addendum to my previous blog on the subject of authenticating users, and checking for administrator privileges, under Windows 2000, XP and Vista, I should add this little note. It turns out, thanks to the sort of heavily industrious testing that’s par for the course here at Red Gate, that LogonUser / SSPI […]

17 March 2008 1:29 pm by
Dan J Archer

SID. Vicious?


Some activities on any operating system fall into that category of “should be extraordinarily simple, and yet is full of the sort of pitfalls that cause headaches, confusion and (at least in my case) bouts of cursing and ranting”.  My favourite of the moment is a simple security task: authenticating credentials provided by the user […]

17 March 2008 1:27 pm by
Tony Davis

Not the right place


Many orthodoxies, or ‘truisms’, exist in IT; rules of programming that emerge in the light of shared experience and are then passed on from programmer to programmer and instilled as “the right way” to tackle a certain problem. The difficulty is that many of these truisms persist long after advances in technology have rendered them […]

17 March 2008 5:43 am by
David Connell

How to add to the list of available SQL Servers


Have you ever wanted to add to the list of SQL Servers found in Red Gate’s SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, SQL Doc or even SQL Data Generator? If so, here goes. All you need to do is add the name of the SQL Server instance to the registry. The application looks for servers named […]

10 March 2008 5:03 am by

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