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SQL Data Generator 1 (Beta) – Adding UK Style Address Generators

Published 10 January 2008 6:42 am

We are currently running a Beta of SQL Data Generator, and some people have requested UK style data generators. So I have put together a small zip file that generates the following data:-

UK Post Codes
UK Counties
UK Cities
UK Towns
In order to install this add in, please carry out the following:

Stop SQL Data Generator
Download the following file
Unzip the contents into the folder “%Program Files%Red GateSQL Data Generator 1Config”
Restart SQL Data Generator and the new generators are now ready to be used.
We are thinking about setting up mechanisms to allow users to share generators.


David Connell

One Response to “SQL Data Generator 1 (Beta) – Adding UK Style Address Generators”

  1. jamiew says:

    Where can i donwload this file i dont see a link!

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