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2007 December

Damon Armstrong

Disabling an ASP.NET Button when Clicked


I was answering a question in the ASP.NET forums on (click here you want to check it out) about how to avoid the issue of users submitting multiple page requests when they click on buttons.  My first inclination was hey, just disable the button after they click it and everything will be just fine.  […]

20 December 2007 11:55 pm by
Tony Davis

The Future of .NET: Visual Basic, the CLR and Managed JScript


Visual Basic v9 appeared on November 19. In the past, the new release of Microsoft’s longest-running language might have caused a stir, but it was part of Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and there were plenty of other distractions. The changes to VB itself were pretty minor: The ‘Inline IF’ was finally retired in favour of […]

18 December 2007 5:33 am by
Robert Chipperfield

Should you always use a clustered index?


In one of his recent editorials, Steve Jones of SQLServerCentral wondered about whether every table evar should have a primary key, and in doing so, mentioned the often-quoted advice of also making sure every table has a clustered index.If you already know about the difference between a clustered and non-clustered index, you can safely skip […]

17 December 2007 11:50 am by
Bart Read

Exception Hunter 1.0 – Find crashes before they happen


In many ways this has been a very long time coming… think Daikatana, but without the offensive advertising campaign, the disgruntled employees, or the wild expenditure on, uh, what I’ll loosely term as software development related expenses. And nobody involved, at any point, has owned (or even driven) a Ferrari. As a matter of fact […]

10 December 2007 12:11 pm by

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