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2007 November

Andras Belokosztolszki

Some interesting, obscure (and absolutely useless) T-SQL syntax


/*Writing ugly SQL Statements is an art. Today I’ve spenta few minutes trying to break our parser as well as giving a grill to SQL Server’s parser.So here is some extra syntax that is not behaving as I’d expect it to behave. */select 1.a– Yes, this is legal, surprise surprise it returns a – table […]

28 November 2007 4:05 am by
Lionel Clarke

SQL Puzzle 8


/*So I thought it was just about time for another puzzle but I was having great difficulty in coming up with a new challenge.  Luckily Andras has posted a blog entry about how thePOWERSUM function has been removed from SQL Server. puzzle is a nice simple one and is to write a single select statement […]

27 November 2007 1:12 pm by
Andras Belokosztolszki

SQL Server 2008: Microsoft has given, and Microsoft has taken away (powersum)


SQL Server 2008 November CTP came out this week. This CTP finally contains many major features that are worth playing with. However, there are things that are no longer in SQL Server, things that I will be missing (and many things that I’ll be happy to see go).   One of my favourite system functions […]

22 November 2007 6:14 am by
Helen Joyce

Single-click script execution on multiple SQL Servers


New SQL Multi Script tool for DBAs After talking with DBAs who look after multiple SQL Servers, it was clear that one of their most common tasks is to deploy scripts, query databases and collect aggregated results across their enterprise. With the use of SQL Server client-side tools, this task is nowhere near as straightforward […]

21 November 2007 9:28 am by
Tony Davis

LINQ and vNext


The history of IT is littered with the corpses of software companies that assumed that a solution that worked well in particular circumstances would necessarily become a generic panacea. Who, for example, now remembers the past giants of the Workflow industry? The Orcas chrysalis is now hatching into the Visual Studio 2008 butterfly. Well, most […]

15 November 2007 5:13 am by
Brian Donahue

Need to loosen my bindings


Microsoft .NET’s runtime provides an execution engine for Just-In-Time compiled code, but it also has the clandestine capability to pre-compile code and cache it on disk. This at first seems a little odd, since the point of environments like .NET Framework and Java are supposedly designed to offer machine-independent, ‘virtual’ code. I suppose that .NET’s native […]

13 November 2007 11:29 am by
Phil Factor

A temporary inconvenience


Here is an interesting interview question. You have a PC in front of you, switched off,  with a database on it. You don’t know any of the passwords and you want to get at the database. Is this possible? If so, then how? This happened to me recently, due to a freakish accident concerning me […]

12 November 2007 5:08 am by
Richard Mitchell

SQL Data Compare 6 API


OK I admit it. During the development of SQL Data Compare 6 in order to get the product out on time we had to sacrifice doing the SQL Toolkit 6 help ( it didn’t involve chickens). So I thought I’d write a little bit to get you started on the v6 stuff as it seems […]

12 November 2007 2:42 am by
James Moore

A little bit of Genius


Over the years I have installed Linux distro’s many many times – the first was sometime around Red Hat 4 and it has never been a pleasant experience, that is until I came to do it this morning. With trepidation I downloaded a copy of Ubuntu, burnt it to CD (kudos on the installation instructions […]

9 November 2007 6:27 am by
Helen Joyce

Free utility for converting Backup tasks in Maintenance plans to use SQL Backup

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To cut down a potentially laborious task of converting backup tasks in several maintenance plans to use SQL Backup we now have got a utility for doing it for you. It’s not part of the install of SQL Backup, but it may be included in a future release. For now you can download it separately from […]

9 November 2007 5:37 am by

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