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2007 October

Nigel Morse

Do you yield?

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Yay! I’ve actually used the C# yield statement for the first time. I’ve wanted to use it ever since I read about it, but never really had a use for it until today. I was writing some code to read a SQL Server error log and eventually found an undocumented stored procedure sp_readerrorlog (amazing how […]

31 October 2007 9:30 am by
Tony Davis

What are the most innovative .NET tools?


We all have our favourite websites. Not the ones we read as part of our job, but the ones we scan whilst munching sandwiches at the desk or, surreptitiously, during an application build process. I’m hooked on at the moment. It is a site that gives away licensed software. It features a different product […]

31 October 2007 6:12 am by
Lionel Clarke

SQL Puzzle 7


/*Well, it has been a while since I posted up a puzzle. I  blame this on the very unflattering picture of myself attached to the blog. This causes me a natural reluctance to put it in a position where people might see it! It is that and …ahem… the cat ate my homework …ahem… blog entry. […]

26 October 2007 4:53 am by
Phil Factor

On the trail with the Cowboy Coders.


One of the signs of increasing age in the IT industry is that of ‘déjà vu’. New things that are laboriously explained to you ring all sorts of bells. The past flashes before one’s eyes. I visited a company developing Internet-based applications the other day. They were proud of their progressiveness and explained to me […]

24 October 2007 5:43 am by
Tim Ford

Do I Ask Too Much of My Beloved RDBMS?


OK Simple-Talkers I have a interesting situation driving be nuttier than squirrel poo. I have the following 2 steps in a scheduled SQL job I use to backup logs.  If for some reason a log file does not exist it will throw the error 22049.  I trap for it and want it to proceed with the […]

16 October 2007 4:45 pm by
Brian Donahue

Using the kill to cure


I was watching a medical drama the other day, you probably know the one, where the diagnostician darn near kills the patient with bizarre tests in trying to figure out his illness, given a strangely conflicting set of symptoms. I’ve come across some similar situations with my inorganic patients recently which forced me to step […]

14 October 2007 4:48 am by
Robert Chipperfield

It’s a <strike>boy</strike> new version of SQL Data Compare!


Well, after five months of design, development, testing, documentation, training, and countless other activities that I’ve almost certainly forgotten to list, SQL Data Compare 6 is out.Richard‘s been blogging quite a bit about the release over the last few months, so I don’t think there’s much point in me listing the all the cool new […]

8 October 2007 7:33 am by
Andras Belokosztolszki

SQLBits in Reading and the British language


SQLBits was held in Reading this Saturday and it certainly superseded my expectations. There were over 300 people, excellent talks and plenty of opportunities to meet others. There were four parallel sessions, one for BI, Dev, Katmai and DBA, and since there is only one me, it was, as always, difficult to choose. One thing […]

8 October 2007 3:35 am by
Brian Donahue

One ringy dingy…


I should really count my blessings. Technical Support, to some companies, means a bank of Rhesus monkeys picking up telephones and telling customers to ‘turn it off and then on again’. Previous to this prevalent statement, ‘is it plugged in?’ was de rigeur until customers found this too insulting to their intelligence — particularly the ones […]

6 October 2007 5:00 pm by
Robert Chipperfield

The (slightly obscene) way to speed up loops


Last night as I wandered around some sites on Java optimization, I came across an example of loop optimization that felt so wrong, yet unfortunately does work!The reasoning goes as follows: both C# and Java perform array bounds checking, whether you like it or not. Therefore, if you’re looping over all the items in the […]

3 October 2007 3:46 pm by
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