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2007 August

Bart Read

A Gift for Phil Factor


Look, temporary tables: This also works for normal tables created in the script, as well as stored procedures, functions and views, and it’ll all be available in the next SQL Prompt release, which should be within about two weeks all being well. Originally this functionality was slated for SQL Prompt 3, but as you’ll all […]

31 August 2007 5:30 am by
Dan J Archer

Strong Naming + Remoting = Noth’g but ye liveliest Awfulness


“What you sente, did not Worke, whether because of Any Thing miss’g, or because ye Wordes were not Righte from my Speak’g or yr Copy’g. I alone am at a Loss…Certainely, there was Noth’g but ye liveliest Awfulness in that which H. rais’d upp from What he cou’d gather onlie a part of.”   —  H […]

30 August 2007 11:51 am by
James Moore

In Response…

1 comment

There has been plenty of response to my interview a few days ago with Simple-Talk – rather than trying to cram all of my thoughts into the size of a comment box I thought I would spend a little more time and try and respond to people more fully here.   Mike O’Neil pointed out […]

29 August 2007 5:20 am by
Bart Read

Why Automatic Software Updates Suck


Or, why doesn’t the Red Gate “Check for updates” service automatically download and install software updates?Disclaimer: everything in this post represents my view only and does not necessarily coincide with the viewpoint of Red Gate Software Ltd. On the other hand I’m not trying to be deliberately contrary, I’m just saying don’t take this as […]

28 August 2007 10:48 am by
Phil Factor

Wonko the Sane and Gubble-Gubble. A software opportunity?


You know how it is? You’re reading a paragraph, reach the end, and then ask yourself what, in the name of Beelzebub, that last damned paragraph was about. You shrug in reply and go back to that twilight zone between animal and vegetable, whilst bracing yourself for the next paragraph. There is nothing for it […]

24 August 2007 3:50 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Simple Code Performance Testing


After posting Performance: Caching vs. Reading from an In-Memory XML Document, there have been some questions about how I actually do the performance testing.  My approach to performance testing is really simple… I just write some code, run that code in a big for loop, and time how long it takes to run through all […]

24 August 2007 3:44 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Performance: Caching vs. Reading from an In-Memory XML Document


I’ve been working with a number of XML documents recently.  Basically I’m trying to expose configuration values stored in XML configuration files in an object-oriented structure.  I’m using an in-memory XML document and just referencing values as needed from that document.  The XML reading does not need to be super-high performance because it does not […]

22 August 2007 1:01 am by
Rodney Landrum

Funny thing about a fractured hand for a blogger/author/coder….


They tend to not write as much and make very long titles to their blog entries.  Though I have about 35 ideas right now that I want to get down from my recent travels to a Houston SQL PASS chapter meeting, I can only effectively get down 1 because the back-space key is making me want […]

16 August 2007 8:17 pm by
Damon Armstrong

ADFS – Cookie Error


I’ve been knee deep in Active Directory Federation Services for the past three months now, and when helping one our clients deploy a single-sign-on (SSO) application, we ran into a nasty error: The request has been rejected because it appears to be a duplicate of a request from this same client browser session within the […]

16 August 2007 1:11 am by
Phil Factor

DBAs and the moral dilemma


DBAs are often put in a difficult moral position in the course of doing their work because they have a uniquely privileged access to corporate data. The ridiculous stories that have recently been put about by security firms concerning the dishonesty of DBAs miss the point entirely. In twenty years of work in the database […]

10 August 2007 1:50 pm by
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