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2007 July

Andras Belokosztolszki

Do you need to be dbo to compare two databases using SQL Compare?

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This question comes up time to time. SQL Compare compares two database schemata, and in order to do so it needs to read the system tables and system views. On the other hand, some organizational policies can be rather restrictive about who and with what permissions are allowed to connect to a production system.   […]

30 July 2007 4:01 am by
Bart Read

**SQL Prompt 3.5 Released**


Well, this is it, it’s finally out there. Download it from include:Visual Studio 2005 database project support Cross database queries Distributed queries across linked SQL Server instances Correlated subqueries 3 – 5 times faster metadata retrieval Large script support 40 – 95% decrease in memory footprintAnd plenty more. I’ll be carrying on my more in […]

26 July 2007 12:20 pm by
Richard Mitchell

SQL Data Compare 6 Alpha due out next week


After over 3 months of hard graft we’re getting ready to give you the chance to get your fingers on the Alpha of the next version of SQL Data Compare. We’re currently just doing some final install testing and hope to release it next week.Bear in mind the product is an Alpha and as such […]

26 July 2007 3:52 am by
Phil Factor

The Interview with the Psychometric Test


I knew there would be trouble the moment she walked in the room. Like many IT people, I have an instinctive aversion to HR people. She looked briskly at me and waddled importantly to the desk.   I’d come for an interview with a firm in Cambridge running an IT consultancy from an office quite near […]

25 July 2007 5:53 am by
Bart Read

Visual Studio 2005 Support in SQL Prompt 3.5

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Well it’s taken me slightly longer to get around to writing this than originally planned, however…Visual Studio 2005 support, along with cross-database/linked server support was one of our top two requested features for SQL Prompt 3.5. It got to the point where not a day would go past without somebody emailing sales or support to […]

20 July 2007 11:23 am by
Rodney Landrum

AD and SQL and Mark Twain Shall Meet


What does Mark Twain have to do with SQL Server? If the atoms that comprised his living flesh did not succumb to entropy he most probably would have been a SQL user and would have had a Windows domain account somewhere.  Really, I just used Twain to tie AD and SQL for the phrase, “…never […]

18 July 2007 9:51 pm by
Bart Read

The beginning of a more in depth look at SQL Prompt 3.5

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Well I said I’d post some more detailed information about the new version of SQL Prompt so I thought I’d better get down to it. I wanted to do this to coincide with getting the release candidate out there, which we’d planned on being this Friday, however we all had a bit of a rush […]

18 July 2007 12:06 pm by
Bart Read

SQL Prompt 3.5 Release Candidate is now available!

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Well that’s pretty self-explanatory. We’ve had a few teething problems trying to get this thing ready and on the FTP site today so this will be a rather more brief post than I’d originally planned. I’d intended to talk about some of the new features in a little more depth, however I’ll do that over […]

17 July 2007 12:40 pm by
Phil Factor

Using BCP to export the contents of MAX datatypes to a file


/*It should be easy to save a VARCHAR or XML variable to a file. When we use the Scripting.FilesystemObject, it is reasonably easy, but there is the bugbear of the fact that the COM interface was never updated to understand Varchar(MAX) or XML variables. Nevertheless, we already have code on the site to do Varchars […]

13 July 2007 8:26 am by
Richard Mitchell

Beware ye of ancient columns


I’m sure you all make changes to your schema over time adding columns to tables and occassionally dropping them. But were you aware that even though you drop a column from a table the space in the row continues to be taken up by the ghost of the column that you deleted. So if you […]

12 July 2007 3:55 am by
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