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2007 June

Phil Factor

Love amongst the computers


I love to go around junk shops and second hand bookshops looking for quirky second-hand books. It was whilst browsing through all the more dog-eared fiction (always a sign that the contents are good), I once came across a book of romantic fiction. I wish now that I’d bought it, because I have, unfortunately, to relate its […]

29 June 2007 3:37 am by
Tony Davis

SQL Server Myths

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The whole area of “SQL Server myths” is an interesting one. One of the fascinations of working with SQL Server is that, the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know. To the beginner SQL Server is presented as a series of black-and-white facts and rules designed to make learning easier. It is […]

27 June 2007 10:24 am by
Richard Mitchell

The trials of usability trials of SQL Data Compare 6


Don’t you just love them. You write your UI, you think you design you code you fix you bug fix again when testers break everything in sight you perform usability trials on people and they don’t even find that feature you worked on for 2 weeks.Well ok it’s not quite that bad and this is […]

22 June 2007 6:38 am by
Rodney Landrum

SQL Server and The Holy Grail


That title should garner some comments, I suspect, or if not then the following questions should: Does there exist a way to provide real-time - or a close proximity thereof – replication from a SQL production database to a reporting database with the following rquirements: 1.) No source shema changes (even assuming that the source DB does […]

21 June 2007 9:57 pm by
Phil Factor

How to Write


The editor recently returned exhausted from TechEd. He tells everyone who will listen that he has worn himself out trying to persuade the great and the good of the SQL Server world to write articles for Simple-Talk. I can believe it, though I can’t recall the SQL Server expert and writer called Samuel Adams that […]

21 June 2007 12:04 pm by
Richard Mitchell

SQL Data Compare 6 Alpha on the horizon


In between the bouts of champagne for new product launches, eating the yoghurts and drinking the smoothies from the ‘feel good fridge’. In between the free Thursday lunches and punting on the Cam we manage to get a surprising amount of work done here at Red Gate.In fact I’ve been radio silent for the past […]

18 June 2007 2:44 am by
Rodney Landrum

How Much Space Would An Index Take If An Index Did Take Space

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This would be my TechEd post.  I was at TechEd for all of one day, on the first day. The only relationship I can make to the title of this blog and TechEd is the word space. The Orange County Convention Center is incredibly large. Even when you add several thousand IT professionals.  The free […]

12 June 2007 8:58 pm by
Tony Davis

What do you want to see on Simple-Talk?


At Simple-Talk, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to present practical technical content to our readers, and to stimulate discussion. Whilst sharpening our pencils, we dream of capturing some of the glorious, anarchic pooling of ideas and creativity that one finds in the open source communities.   From the ultra-practical Workbenches, to the […]

12 June 2007 10:20 am by
Helen Joyce

SQL Backup to MTF Converter

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A little known application exists for converting your backup files created by SQL Backup (*.sqb) into MTF (Microsoft Tape Format) files. The command line version (sqb2mft.exe) is shipped with the product. This utility makes it possible to restore backups created by SQL Backup using the restore command directly in SQL Server by converting them (and uncompressing the […]

12 June 2007 5:10 am by
Maxx Dopp

Maxx Dopp at TechEd: Dispatch 9–Final Day

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Maxx Dopp here. This is the last day of TechEd, and people are already leaving to fly home, and things are winding down.   Yesterday, when the vendor section ended at 3:00 PM, within a few seconds of making the closing announcement, convention center staff were literally beginning to rip off the carpeting on the […]

8 June 2007 2:10 pm by
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