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2007 May

Damon Armstrong

Reclaim Microsoft Virtual PC Console that Displays Outside the Desktop

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I ran into a bit of a problem the other day with Microsoft Virtual PC staring outside of my viewable desktop area.  And it turns out that it wasn’t just a fluke, because it’s happened a couple of times since then.  And Robby, one of the guys I work with at Cogent, had the same problem.  Here’s how […]

30 May 2007 8:19 pm by
Andras Belokosztolszki

Databases and source control article


My current interest is focused on database evolution and on ways to manage changes to database schemata. This interest is reflected in my current project, SQL Compare 6. This version has the goal to help source control integration for databases by allowing users to handle a set of SQL creation scripts as a possible source […]

30 May 2007 8:39 am by
Tony Davis

Competition: The Great Advances in SQL Server


The real advances in IT are seldom the ones that are heralded by great noise or media hype. So many of the technologies that have become part of our lives, such as browsers, Email and ‘texting’ came surreptitiously, almost by accident. Technologies that come with a fanfare often tend to fade away.   In retrospect, […]

30 May 2007 7:42 am by
Rodney Landrum

If ONLY (administrator = TRUE) BEGIN…


It has been a full two weeks, actually more, since my last post. You may recall my last entry dealt with my inability to find quality DBA’s after months of searching. I am happy to report (and recant part of my frustrated recitation on not finding anyone) that I now have two very solid DBAs […]

22 May 2007 9:31 pm by
Andras Belokosztolszki

How to order creation SQL files in SQL Compare 6.0 Professional


It is a good practice to store creation scripts for the database organized in a way that there is a single SQL file for each database object. The problem starts when one wants a single script that creates all of these database objects. I’ve seen a solution in which the creation SQL files are concatenated, […]

21 May 2007 4:00 am by
Damon Armstrong

Wordpad may corrupt your SharePoint (and other ASP.NET app’s) Web.confg


I was remoting into a SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) box yesterday because I needed to update the configuration on a few of the servers in the farm.  Like most production systems, the server did not have Visual Studio, so I was using Notepad to edit the configuration.  As you may know, navigating through a configuration file […]

18 May 2007 12:08 am by
Damon Armstrong

Displaying Debugging Info for SharePoint Errors in Your Browser


SharePoint does a good job of hiding errors from users.  Out of the box, unhandled errors in SharePoint result in a fairly non-descript page that says “An Error Occurred” (or something to that effect).  Although a good practice for your end-users, it’s pretty annoying when you’re trying to get a piece of code working or […]

17 May 2007 12:28 pm by
Richard Mitchell

Cut-n-paste your code nicely


One thing that has annoyed me quite a lot lately is the way that cut-n-paste code from visual studio 2005 fails to look nice in emails. Your tabs dissappear you very large line gaps for every new line in your code and it sets the text to be a very strange font. Now maybe it’s […]

17 May 2007 3:48 am by
Andras Belokosztolszki

SQL Compare 6.0 beta – read and sync to and from SQL scripts


We have just released the first public beta for SQL Compare 6.0. The full version of SQL Compare 6.0 is scheduled for release towards the end of June 2007. For the forum and download information visit   So what is new in SQL Compare 6.0 beta? SQL Compare 6.0 beta introduces a new data […]

15 May 2007 9:53 am by
Phil Factor

The ballad of the tuple relation


I was peacefully pottering away at my workstation, contentedly spawning a daughter thread or something similar, when Robyn popped in. She’d been wrestling with the Grouping Workbench and trying to come up with a copper-bottomed explanation for what the GROUP BY statement does. I’d been trying to help out in my usual arrogant paternalistic way. This […]

10 May 2007 10:13 am by
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