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2007 April

Helen Joyce

We’re going on a bug hunt


One Monday lunchtime not so long ago we ran a bug hunt for SQL Backup 5. During the hour and a half session 12 participants (all willing Red Gate employees) paired up to try and break the application with the promise of wine and chocolates for the ‘most interesting bug found’. This was by far […]

30 April 2007 8:54 am by
Rodney Landrum

Too Much HR, Not Enough Guts and Glory


At some point in a DBA’s career, assuming he or she has had the mettle to withstand the onslaught of mediocrity and ineptness in its various forms (I may qualify this bold statement in a future post), there comes a time when said DBA is asked to manage other DBAs.  This “management” includes mentoring, coaching, training, […]

18 April 2007 4:15 pm by
Phil Factor

At Half-past three, it’s time for tea…


‘Look, see what I mean?’, the manager said, as a dishevelled DBA stumbled past his pig pen grunting inconsequentially to himself.   ‘Good morning’, said the manager to him, forcing a beam from ear to ear with a rather strained Bonhomie   The DBA gave an extra-loud grunt, his pale puffy face turned to stare […]

15 April 2007 3:21 pm by
Richard Mitchell

It’s like being stoned to death with marshmallows


It’s amazing what you learn reading MSDN. It has recently been my joy to have to discover everything I’ve never really wanted to know about the internal system tables of SQL Server 2005. I don’t mean those lovely system views that they’ve created. I mean all the grubby nasty little tables with names like sys.objects$ […]

12 April 2007 3:56 am by
Damon Armstrong

VS SDK Error Message: CTC : fatal error CTC2013: Can’t start preprocessor (2)


After watching some of the demo videos of the latest Visual Studio SDK, I was excited to get started and try out my own add-in.  I installed the SDK, fired up Visual Studio, created an integration package, compiled, and got a nasty error: CTC : fatal error CTC2013: Can’t start preprocessor (2) What does this mean?  Apparently, […]

11 April 2007 8:42 am by
Rodney Landrum

sp_helptext squared


As I sat at my desk, like most days, pondering what a partial database restore truly is in regards to object-level restores and filegroups and noting that though this sentence will go on longer than I intended I will not finish it prior to finishing the initial thought, my phone rang and the question came […]

9 April 2007 9:13 pm by
Richard Mitchell

That makes a lot more sense now


I’ll admit it, I never really got the yield statement in C# before today. However there’s a very good article I’ve just read on msdn that takes you through it step-by-step. It’s certainly an interesting read and with luck will help you out when you really really need it.Have a look… an aside, what is […]

3 April 2007 3:04 am by

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