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2007 March

James Moore

Grayscaling transparent gifs and pngs


I find that I end up custom painting a lot of the controls in Red Gate products, this is normally due to some gripe from our usability engineers – I was doing this today and wanted to gray scale some of the pngs when I need to show them disabled – This normally means loading up […]

29 March 2007 3:34 am by
Rodney Landrum

Kill or Be Shamed


Every tidbit of knowledge gleaned over years of working with a product comes at a price and that price is sometimes shame at not having known such slacious info beforehand. So it is with shame I admit that today I learned something I suspect I should have known. I run the risk of criticism of my […]

28 March 2007 8:43 pm by
Phil Factor

Powerpoint Pointlessness: You read it here first!


Professor John Sweller, from the University of New South Wales School of Education, first came up with ‘Cognitive Load Theory’ in the 1980s. Most of his reasearch has been in the effectiveness of current teaching techniques. He has now produced evidence that PowerPoint presentations are impossible to take in if the information on the screen is the same […]

28 March 2007 6:04 am by
Rodney Landrum

Mass Produced Beer and SQL


I was on vacation last week. Ok, you may call it Holiday…but with four kids in tow to Orlando, FL to spend as yet un-tallied sums of cash, it is hard to call it relaxing.  The trip did afford me the ability to see the convention center in Orlando, the designated focal point of the upcoming […]

26 March 2007 9:28 pm by
Damon Armstrong

SharePoint Permission Names

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SharePoint 2007 has a new control called the SPSecurityTrimmedControl.  It’s a container control that allows you to hide or display a section of your page depending on whether or not the currently logged-in user has the appropriate permissions.  To set the permissions, however, you need to know what SharePoint calls the permissions.  Took a little […]

23 March 2007 1:01 pm by
Bart Read

**SQL Prompt 3.1 Released**


We are very pleased to announce that SQL Prompt 3.1 has now been released. You can download it from: The most notable addition is support for SQL Server Management Studio Express Edition, however even if you don’t use this version of Management Studio we’d recommend the upgrade so you can take advantage of the […]

23 March 2007 6:59 am by
Phil Factor

Twiddling the knobs: The Default Backup directory


Whenever I attempt to set myself up as an expert on anything,  a Higher Being seems to belabour me with a metaphorical baseball bat for my lack of humility. In consequence, this Blog entry is really more of a question than a nugget of information. How does one change the default backup directory for a server by using […]

22 March 2007 6:18 am by
Tony Davis

Simple-Talk "mission statement" competition


How many people have admired the current “mission statement” for If you take a look at the top of the Home Page you’ll see it…   SQL Server and .NET put simply   How does that grab you? Exactly. That’s why we’re after a new one . The impetus for this was a phrase […]

20 March 2007 2:17 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Exciting New .NET Language Features


If you haven’t already, check out Scott Guthrie’s blog about Extension Methods that will be available when the next version of the .NET framework.  It’s always cool when they add a completely new feature because it opens up more options for really elegant solutions.  And it also opens up new ways for people to really […]

16 March 2007 12:08 pm by
Damon Armstrong

It’s Called Capitalism, and You’re Just as Guilty!


Action 19 News in Ohio was hot on the investigative trail of a Girl Scout cookie scalper today.  Apparently, the owner of a Valero gas station in Parma Heights, Ohio bought a LOT of Girl Scout cookie boxes and is selling them in his store for $4 dollars.  Girls Scouts, on the other hand, peddle the […]

15 March 2007 2:35 pm by
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