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2007 February

Rodney Landrum

When When Situation


I have been pondering best and worst SQL practices lately. When I was a younger man, I had a mentor tell me one time, specifically about a COBOL program he was writing, “As long as it works and works quickly…who gives a rat’s ass?” I have kept that with me, but have not always adhered […]

28 February 2007 5:08 pm by
Bart Read

How to use SQL Prompt 3 without being dbo…

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For anyone out there working with SQL Server on a large or mission critical system it’s quite likely that, unless you’re the DBA, you’re not going to have dbo access to the databases you’re working with, particularly if you’re working directly with the production servers. Unsurprisingly then we’ve had a number of complaints from people […]

28 February 2007 8:36 am by
Phil Factor

Using User-defined functions in aggregations


/* Using User-defined functions in aggregations I’ve never used functions in aggregations, simply because I assumed that they would slow them down too much. However, I really wanted to simplify some code that did a whole lot of ad-hoc slicing and dicing of information. It occurred to me, in the spirit of Robyn Page’s exhortation […]

28 February 2007 5:48 am by
Phil Factor

The march of time


Tony was a systems analyst and programmer. For many years, he’d worked for a large insurance company in London. He’d spent all his working life there, in fact, seeing their IT systems grow from simple Cobol-based accounting systems to their current sophisticated distributed architecture. He’d grown to become a typical repository of IT knowledge, but […]

28 February 2007 3:43 am by
Richard Mitchell

ANTS Profiler 3 BETA now available for download


For those of you waiting you can now download the ANTS Profiler 3 beta from the following location (up until the end of February)… for the beta will be via the support forums on the Red Gate website at… an incentive to take part we’ll be giving away some iPod Shuffles to those people on […]

14 February 2007 8:47 am by
Phil Factor

Finding possible ‘dead objects’ in databases


ALTER PROCEDURE spNoDependencies /* this is a stored procedure to list out the user tables, views, functions and procedures that are not dependent on any other user object and have no dependenciesObviously, each needs to be investigated to see if it is being called or usedby a process outside the database*/ AS SELECT [name]=COALESCE(‘.’,”),[type]= CASE […]

12 February 2007 5:51 am by
Tony Davis

"Jargon busting" competition


What, in your opinion, are the worst, most annoying cases of IT jargon that are currently in vogue? At Simple-talk we’re on a drive to stamp them out. The top five words/phrases that you will not hear around Simple-Talk are:   Synergy Thought leadership Social media communities Ground-floor opportunity Vibrant (by order of Phil Factor) […]

6 February 2007 12:10 pm by
Phil Factor

‘The C Language is a toy’.


A good question to ask in any interview with one of the high and mighty in IT is ‘What is the biggest mistake you ever made’. Few of us will have made a mistake as easy to sympathise with, but with such far-reaching consequences as the one Gary Kildall made. It is a reminder of […]

5 February 2007 8:20 am by
Richard Mitchell

ANTS Profiler 3 BETA

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As some of you who have been reading my blog know we’re working on the next version of ANTS Profiler for all you lovely people. As part of our product development we normally release a beta so that people can use it in their environment and get back to us with any issues that they […]

5 February 2007 2:51 am by

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