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2006 December

Phil Factor

Old Philip Factor’s Almanac


My annual new-year’s present to the SQL Server community is the Philip Factor Almanac of Prophesies for the coming year. Along with this blog will be an article which explains how it all came about, but here I’ll explain a bit about the technical side. Firstly, here is your Almanac, or Horoscope for this coming year […]

28 December 2006 9:54 am by
Damon Armstrong

Pro CSS Techniques


As a developer, I’ve had to endure my fair share of designers lecturing on the virtues of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and maintaining a strict divide between content elements and their visual layout.  It’s a noble pursuit, but for a developer with little design experience the task of getting a page to look just the […]

23 December 2006 1:13 am by
Damon Armstrong

Saving the Telerik RadSplitter/RadPane State

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Telerik makes UI controls for ASP.NET (and they are getting in Windows Forms controls too apparently) and they’ve done a great job.   But, everything has it’s little quirks.  I was working with the RadSplitter, a control that allows you to make collapsable / resizable panels on your webpage, when I ran across a little problem: persisting the […]

22 December 2006 8:31 am by
Jesse Liberty

Dilbert Stumbles

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Fanatic: noun: a person who can’t change his mind, and won’t change the subject. A jerk: someone who can’t take a joke, doesn’t know when to let a wise crack slip by, turns everything into political commentary. Scott Adams: one of the funniest men alive. Okay. I don’t want to be a jerk, and I […]

19 December 2006 11:55 am by
Jesse Liberty

A new way to blog – non linear


I have moved my political blog over to TiddlyWiki which describes itself as a “non-linear personal web notebook.” One limitation of traditional blogs is that each entry is a stand alone mini-article. That can be fine, but for my own blog I’d like a bit more inter-article connection. TiddlyWiki (silly name, but what can you do?) tie […]

14 December 2006 7:09 am by
Tony Davis

Douglas Reilly

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Douglas Reilly is a software developer, and a brave and exceptional man. I first had the pleasure of working with him when he submitted his Coming out as a Cancer Survivor article for the Simple-Talk website. In this article, he detailed his experiences as a software developer who had decided to be open and honest […]

12 December 2006 11:35 am by
Jesse Liberty

Thinking about words visually

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What could be more boring, less innovative than an online thesaurus? But the same kind of thinking that went into ThinkTank (Dave Winer’s brilliant outlining program developed in 1988!) has gone into VisualThesaurus The goal of this software (available on line or as a desk-top application) is to create a word map of associations that […]

11 December 2006 6:32 pm by
Bart Read

SQL Prompt 3 Final Beta is available for download NOW!


The full announcement can be found here:!And thanks to all of you who’ve been waiting so patiently for this.

11 December 2006 10:06 am by
Bart Read

Hibernation – Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API?


Well not any more baby! Every now and again whilst casually browsing the net of a lunchtime I stumble across an absolute gem of an article, and this piece from Jeff Atwood is just such a precious nugget: guy’s a genius, I’m telling you, and I’d thoroughly recommend his blog as being jam-packed with useful […]

11 December 2006 7:29 am by
Richard Mitchell

The good life


It’s amazing just how easy programming is nowadays. For the past 2 years-ish I’ve been working almost exclusively in C# and I forgot quite how much of a pain it can be when you have to code in C++ for a while. You have to remember all these little things like include paths, linking options, […]

11 December 2006 1:16 am by
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