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2006 November

Bart Read

A Truly Thread-Safe Event Handler Collection


For quite a while after I moved into the world of .NET I was slightly bugged by event registration in that I had this nagging suspicion that one day it would all go horribly wrong and blow up in my face because I have this incredibly nasty habit of using background threads for long-running, or […]

30 November 2006 11:13 am by
Jesse Liberty

Times Reader


Have you seen the new Times Reader? This is a beta product from the NY Times that will knock your socks off; it shows what can be done with .NET 3 and it is beautiful (not to mention free).   When .NET 2 arrived there was no push from users to move from existing technology […]

29 November 2006 9:27 am by
Jesse Liberty

Small technological wonders


Obviously, of all the technology that has come along in my lifetime (and there is an awful lot of it) the one that has had the biggest impact on my day to day life is the personal computer and all that goes with it. The crusher, of course, is the web. While PCs changed my […]

27 November 2006 3:43 pm by
Phil Factor

The Sayings of Phil Factor


“Too many developers run their lives as though there was a celestial ‘Undo’ button.” “The IT Manager’s job is to produce long words to cover up the mistakes of his staff” “Developers have knowledge but can’t express it, whereas trainers have none, but can’t stop.” “DBAs do not die, they are just dropped by The […]

27 November 2006 8:52 am by
Claire Brooking

Code Red: database missing in action!


Whoops. You scratch your head and wince as you peer at the screen through closed hands…   You just accidentally deleted some data in your database and suddenly all seems lost at sea.  I bet you’ve wished there was a kind of sturdy, orange lifeboat for recovering damaged data when these mistakes happen. We know […]

24 November 2006 11:16 am by
Bart Read

OK dude, cut the bull – where *IS* SQL Prompt 3?


I’ve recently become conscious of how much I’ve started sounding like the guys over at 3D Realms who are now infamous for stating the release date of Duke Nukem Forever as “when it’s done.” They have however also provided some comfort in that the aformentioned game has been in development now for nearly ten years, […]

24 November 2006 2:30 am by
James Moore

The Managed Stack Explorer


Its always nice as a developer when you find a new tool to make your life easier – understanding what is actually happening during the execution of your application (rather than what you think is happening) is key to fixing those hard to find bugs. Visual Studio does a pretty good job of helping with […]

23 November 2006 3:05 am by
Richard Mitchell

ANTS Profiler TNG and Barcelona


Just a heads up that we’re about to start work on the next version or our profiler tool. I am wondering if people have tried our old product, especially those who have had problems with it can get in touch and let me know what sort of problems they were having.I’m really looking forward to […]

23 November 2006 2:02 am by
Jesse Liberty

Book Review


For the moment, my contribution to Simple-Talk is to write fortnightly opinion pieces; thus I’m not quite sure what to do with my blog… so I thought I’d start off with reviewing a few books that I found particularly valuable and that I thought might be of interest to this community. The clear winner for […]

22 November 2006 7:18 am by
Jesse Liberty

November 22


some dates simply should not pass without mention. In my life those include november 22 (1963) and september 11 (2001).  

22 November 2006 7:15 am by
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