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2006 October

Andras Belokosztolszki

SQL Refactor 1.0 released


Following a very successful beta program we have now released the first version of SQL Refactor. SQL Refactor is an Add-In to Microsoft Management Studio, with a large number of features that include laying out SQL, renaming views, stored procedures, table, functions, their parameters and columns and handling all their references, table split, encapsulate as […]

31 October 2006 7:25 am by
Phil Factor

Airhead Weather-girlies and blood-sucking leeches.


For some time past, I have been taking data from a Huger weather station, and importing it into SQL Server. I then use the data to run up graphs, calculate trends and to attempt to predict the weather. It is a wonderful source of real data for trying out techniques. The curious thing is that […]

27 October 2006 4:59 am by
Damon Armstrong

More DB2 Date Conversion Issues Importing Primary Keys into SQL Server


In a previous blog entry (Date Errors Pulling DB2 Data into SQL Server) I recounted some of the issues I had with date conversions from DB2 to SQL Server.  Another interesting issue came up.  We were pulling data from a production DB2 database and continued getting duplicate primary key violations on a few records in […]

25 October 2006 8:53 pm by
Phil Factor



It was just after I’d written the ‘Yancey Men’ article for Simple Talk that I came across the following verses which, I think, first appeared in Punch magazine. It was written after the poet,Wyndham Lewis, came across a court report in which one of the directors of a rather shady city company was recorded to […]

20 October 2006 4:56 am by
Damon Armstrong

Accessing the Web.Config at Design Time for ASP.NET 2.0 Controls


One of the things that has always bothered me about the ASP.NET validation controls is that it sometimes takes two or three of them to validate a particular field. Say, for example, that you have a password field you want to validate. Normally it’s required, has a minimum and maximum length, and needs to be […]

20 October 2006 3:20 am by
Claire Brooking

Here’s your chance to help us develop the next version of SQL Backup…


A major development of SQL Backup is scheduled for the coming months and Jamie Gerig is looking for a lucky few to help influence the exciting changes ahead.  Red Gate’s usability candidates come from a varied target audience and give vital feedback during the development process. No preparation is required from candidates.  I would also […]

18 October 2006 9:06 am by
Bart Read

Another Body Blow For Freedom Of Speech


I need to apologise because we’ve had to disable anonymous comments on my blog due to the fact that for some reason this post in particular seems to be attracting an inordinate amount of spam advertising various “exotic” items, websites and services. Guess it must be my kinky porn star name… either that or the […]

18 October 2006 4:46 am by
Helen Joyce

If SQL Backup isn’t top in performance tests, I’ll eat my hat


Compared to using native SQL Server to perform database backups, third party tools can create fast backups which are compressed and encrypted. This is the main premise for SQL Backup, performance. How quickly are your backups created and how much space do they take up? There are also other factors involved when reviewing the other […]

17 October 2006 4:05 pm by
Dan J Archer

Transforming parrots

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Whilst I agree with luminaries such as Paul Graham on a reasonable number of points he makes about our industry and profession, I generally disagree with him on the subject of typing. He doesn’t believe in compiler-enforced strong types, whereas I do. On this occasion though, I find myself leaning towards a slightly more permissive […]

12 October 2006 12:11 pm by
Tony Davis



A grand day out in Vienna a few Saturdays ago finished in the 19th district at the fantastically-named Bamkraxler pub. I had no real expectations of the place, but it turned out to be so much more than an amusing name (although after 5 pints of beer, it’s amazing how long you can be kept amused […]

4 October 2006 8:10 am by
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