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How Do You Find a Hit Man?

Published 17 September 2006 2:18 am

A while back, I was reading the story of Susan Kuhnhausen, a nurse who came home one day to find a burglar in her home.  After she came in, the burglar attacked her with a hammer.  Apparently he got in at least one blow to her head, though it wasn’t enough to knock her out, and she subsequently choked him to death right there in her hallway.  From what I gather, she was a fairly stout lady and he was fairly scrawny.  Whoops.  Here’s a link to the article in case you want he particulars:

This week I saw a follow up article on the incident.  Apparently the person who attacked her was no burglar, it was a hit a man hired by her estranged husband.  They were going through a divorce, he wanted to get back together with her, she declined, and his solution to the problem was to get someone else to dispatch her.  Here’s the link to that article:

Which brings up this question:  if you get the sudden desire to have someone snubbed out, how exactly do you go about finding someone to do it?  Our company has enough problems finding qualified technical people, so the prospect of having to track down a murderer for hire seems almost imposible.  I ran over to Craigs List to see if anyone was advertising their services, but I got nothing. 

I’m guessing that Mr. Kuhnhausen also had trouble finding a highly qualified pool of candidates because he ended up with the world’s worst assasin.  Who hires a scrawny guy with a hammer?  And who hires a guy that’s stupid enough to take a day planner with notes about the job and all of his employer’s contact information to the hit?

14 Responses to “How Do You Find a Hit Man?”

  1. millicent says:

    im looking for a hit man and im serious

  2. millicent says:

    ive been very ill because of a small group of youngsters are allowed free reign in our estate. i dont sleep,eat,go out even to the corner shop.
    its been 3years and god knows ive sought help from ALL the authorities.
    so its up to me now cos im already in my own prison,at least ill get company inside, i am willing to do time.
    im a very small woman, im physically unable to take them on myself.

    maybe this is what the authorities are relying on, saves them work

  3. millicent says:

    and the worst thing is theyll be at my door soon,trick or treating,the treat being a punch in the face.this is real life

  4. onthemetro08 says:

    How the hell do you find a someone like a hit man? I’m looking for someone who is like a hit man but without the “hit” element involved. Someone like a “messenger”. If anyone has any idea please share it with me.

  5. says:

    onthemetro08, you can use this

  6. sonicfire says:

    Send your information, location, point of contact to and we can discuss what you want done and payment plan

  7. sonicfire says:


  8. Arkseth says:

    Please feel free to message you contact details using the facebook link below:

    Have a nice day

  9. CharlieT95 says:

    Hello guys! I was wondering where i could find a Hit Man please and how much they charge. This isn’t a joke, I am being serious about this comment.


  10. alexalexx says:

    Hi Charlie ,
    pls let me know if u still need my services as a hitman then hit me on my email ;

  11. BlueBelle says:

    I am looking for someone, email me at

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