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2006 August

Tony Davis

A visit to the Bilbao Guggenheim


After getting this new Simple-Talk website out of the door, my wife and I took off to Northern Spain for a well-earned and very pleasant 2-week vacation. Spain is a bit of a default holiday destination for us – occasionally we break away (including a fantastic few weeks in Slovenia one year) but we are […]

30 August 2006 10:26 am by
Damon Armstrong

Expensive Primary Keys (A.K.A Hacking Your Car Key’s SecuriLock)


You may have thought this blog entry was about databases, but no.  It’s about Ford fleecing me on a set of keys.  Actually it’s more about me whining because I lost my keys and they are really expensive to replace, but whatever.  If you have a newer car with a computer chip’ed key, then you will […]

30 August 2006 2:37 am by
Phil Factor

The Septic Tank


Once, whilst I was working for a large international enterprise, I received a company edict, from the IT director, that two megabytes of memory were sufficient to run Windows-based PCs. So firm was this edict that it was made it part of corporate IT strategy. PCs were not to be purchased with more than two […]

28 August 2006 1:14 pm by
Bart Read

SQL Prompt 3 Beta Signup is now *CLOSED*


After some problems with our mail server yesterday caused minor havoc, we have now harvested the second batch of SQL Prompt 3 Beta signups so the signup is now closed. Many thanks to those of you who’ve said you want to get involved in this. We’re looking forward to releasing the beta sometime on Friday […]

22 August 2006 6:31 am by
Helen Joyce

A new version of SQL Backup


There are exciting times for Red Gate’s SQL Backup development team at the moment. We have just released a minor version (4.6) which includes support for more keywords. Specifically PAGE level restore is now supported along with the KEEP_REPLICATION keyword. If you are an existing SQL Backup user you can upgrade via Check for updates […]

21 August 2006 5:55 am by
Bart Read

SQL Prompt 3 Beta Signup – A Small Change of Plan


Sometimes I feel like I should just wire up my brain directly to this blog. Like most people, I’m aware that blogs are supposed to have a moderately “stream of consciousness” feel about them, but this is getting daft…The game is now most definitely afoot with respect to the SQL Prompt 3 beta and next […]

16 August 2006 10:40 am by
Bart Read

SQL Prompt 3 Beta – First Contact


Those of you that have so far signed up for the SQL Prompt 3 beta program, or at least those of you who signed up before about 11 o’clock this morning (British Summer Time), should now have received an email telling you a bit more about the beta.If you think you should have received this […]

16 August 2006 9:01 am by
Tony Davis

Developer vs. Tester vs. PM


In a recent blog, Todd Bishop highlighted the fact that Microsoft had hired “more than 10,000 people worldwide in the fiscal year ended June 30, bringing the total to 71,553 (… the biggest annual increase in the company’s history)”. Subsequently, the anonymous Mini-Microsoft blogger duly wondered what exactly these 10K people actually did AT Microsoft – […]

16 August 2006 8:58 am by
Damon Armstrong

Date Errors Pulling DB2 Data into SQL Server


Moving data from DB2 to SQL Server has been an experience and a half, fraught with lessons throughout.  My latest lesson is on dates.  While running a query to import data, I kept running into this particular exception:  Error converting data type DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP to datetime I figured there was some issue with one of the […]

15 August 2006 1:03 pm by
Bart Read

Regex.Match – this might save you 5 minutes of head-scratching


I often make use of the Regex.IsMatch( string ) method to check if a regular expression finds a match in a given string, however I do not often use the Match( string ) method which, unsurprisingly, returns an instance of Match. Matches( string ) returns a MatchCollection. Very handy. But what does the Match( string […]

15 August 2006 5:40 am by
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