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2006 June

Lionel Clarke

Sql Puzzle 6

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/* Just because I can’t take another day of hassle for not posting up another puzzle here is a world cup themed one.  This puzzle is by a friend of mine called Tom Sillence. 1) The first puzzle is to produce the group tables as seen on this page: we want a table with the […]

28 June 2006 10:25 pm by
Phil Factor

Third-party tools for the Database developer


I suspect that many database developers use other applications to extend the use of the SQL Server system. I like using Windows Scripting resources such as the Scripting.FileSystemObject COM objects within stored procedures, and find such mundane command-line tools as Type, FTP and Xcopy of great use, when called via XP_cmdshell. I would like, of […]

28 June 2006 6:06 am by
Dom Reed

War correspondant

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At times, Red gate is a dangerous place to work.  It’s not that the volcano in the first floor meeting room erupts very often, or that the crocodiles have managed to break free from the car I managed to trick them into.  No.  Not those kind of dangers.Let me explain.  It started innocently enough at […]

28 June 2006 3:20 am by
Damon Armstrong

Tools: RAD Regular Expression Designer


The regular expression engine in .NET is an awesome technology for text processing and string manipulation and is definitely one tool you want to have in your development arsenal.  But Regex syntax is one of the more difficult languages to get your mind around because, at first glance, it looks like a meaningless jumble of […]

28 June 2006 12:32 am by
Damon Armstrong

Great Expectations


Most bloggers start out with an overly idealistic view that their blog is going to contain Pulitzer quality coverage of current events and issues and that millions of people will flock to their site daily to hear the latest buzz.  That optimism quickly degrades when you realize that you’re blogging about once every four months […]

27 June 2006 11:47 pm by
Helen Joyce

Relentless testing article


I recently wrote an article for the simple talk website about software testing. I should have put a link from my blog straightaway but must have got side tracked with SQL Backup and test team duties! The article can be found at:—the-role-of-the-tester/ Take a look to see my views on what it’s like to be […]

26 June 2006 12:41 pm by
Tony Davis

Tech Ed 2006 Snippets: FoxPro lives


In the press room, Mary Jo Foley (from Microsoft Watch) was expounding on how hard it was to predict which articles would really take off and which would bomb. She would write controversial pieces on the latest hot topics, such as SharePoint, expecting a whirlwind response and getting barely a breeze. She then punts out […]

14 June 2006 4:29 pm by
Tony Davis

Tech Ed 2006: Meeting good people on Day 3


I met a lot of good people today at Tech Ed yesterday. I know that may seem a rather trite thing to say, but I just can’t come up with a better way to summarize my day. In the morning, I had a nice chat with Bob Beauchemin, whose written work I admire a lot, […]

14 June 2006 2:22 pm by
Richard Mitchell

Red Gate Scream v0.2 – SQL Compare 5.1 snapshot support

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It’s taken me a while but I’ve finally rebuilt Scream to work with the newer version of the SQL Compare engine. No other changes really apart from the fancy new progress bar (if you have snapshots large enough anyway). I’ve been working on lots of other things lately, patches for SQL Data Compare and working […]

14 June 2006 7:45 am by
Tony Davis

Tech Ed 2006 Beer Break: The Miracle of Science


While taking a spot of lunch in Cambridge (Boston), I noticed in my trusty guidebook a place called “The Miracle of Science Bar”. It was not far away and apparently served “good beer in laboratory beakers” in honor of the many MIT students that frequented the place. As an ex-Chemist I was sold immediately, and […]

13 June 2006 2:35 pm by
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