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2006 May

Phil Factor

ObenGlobish: Leaves from a programmer’s notebook


In my last blog entry, ‘Eggy Peggy’, I gave an example of how one might replace into text from an entire table in one SQL command. As well as producing Eggy Peggy language, the technique has a variety of real uses. Just the other day, I had to use the technique for converting a whole […]

29 May 2006 3:42 pm by
Tony Davis

Beer, SQL Server and .NET


There is a line in the book “London Fields” where the main character is asked why he only drinks lager when playing darts and not real ale. His answer is (I’m paraphrasing and omitting a lot of swear words — this is Martin Amis after all): “It’s kegged. You know what you are getting every […]

26 May 2006 12:20 pm by
Phil Factor

Eggy Peggy :Leaves from a programmer’s notebook


/* Eggy Peggy Language is a secret language rather like Pig Latin or Cockney Rhyming slang. It takes a while to master, but was once used, in particular, by schoolgirls to talk privately when there was a chance of being overheard by outsiders, and it could be spoken and understood very rapidly, but was unintelligible to […]

25 May 2006 3:30 am by
Phil Factor

The Sudoku Puzzle Generator


/* Even now, I can think of no rational explanation for writing this Sudoku puzzle generator other than a bout of insomnia whilst programming too hard on a difficult website. Basically, it just popped out. Sudoku is a poular number puzzle. The aim of the puzzle is to place numbers from 1 through 9 in […]

18 May 2006 11:38 am by
Phil Factor

SprintFfing :Leaves from a programmers notebook:


/* There are dangers to using the xp_sprintf system call in SQL Server 2000. . Firstly, it has a 256 character limit, and . secondly, it suffers from a buffer overflow bug in some versions which can cause all sorts of unpredicatable damage. . it also provides a vulnerability in that an attacker can inject […]

17 May 2006 10:09 am by
Dom Reed

Getting to know you…


We’re a friendly bunch here at Red Gate – always looking to make new friends.  Whilst it’s true that we dearly love sitting in front of our pooters and seeing who can grow the best chilli plants, sometimes we just want to get out, meet our users and have a jolly good gossip. We like […]

12 May 2006 12:16 pm by
Dan J Archer

The game’s afoot


I’d like to squeeze in another reference to the Killing Game Show, or other Amiga classics, at this point. I really must wind up the emulator and dig out the ADFs I made of my old games, at some point. Sadly I lost the original machine when I sold a house, neglecting to clear out […]

10 May 2006 2:58 pm by
Andras Belokosztolszki

Altering CLR assemblies in SQL Server 2005


Category: SQL Server development SQL Server versions: 2005 Level: Advanced   SQL Server 2005 introduced support for .Net in SQL Server. While this is a very powerful feature, it does come with a high cost.   The CLR support allows writing stored procedures, functions, triggers using programming languages like C#. It allows creating complicated user […]

10 May 2006 1:39 pm by
Andras Belokosztolszki

A reason to avoid sp_rename


Category: SQL Server developmentSQL Server versions: 7, 2000, 2005Level: Intermediate Naming stored procedures consistently is part of many organizational policies, still there are times when one needs to rename an already existing stored procedure. Seemingly the obvious way to rename a stored procedure would be the sp_rename system stored procedure readily supplied by SQL Server. […]

10 May 2006 6:15 am by
Phil Factor

The Pub Lunch and Programming.


“Werry good poer o’ suction, Sammy,” said Mr Weller the elder, looking into the pot, when his first-born had set it down half empty. “You’d ha’ made an uncommon fine oyster, Sammy, if you’d been born in that station o’ life,”Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers One of the great pleasures of programming in a team […]

4 May 2006 8:36 am by

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