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2006 April

Phil Factor

Getting data to the browser


Slowly, all the necessary components are slotting into place to allow the developer to bypass the requirement to write traditional PC-based applications, or escape the tyranny of the all-encompassing n-tier distributed systems. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) seemed to appear out of nowhere around the start of 2005. XML is one of the few happy […]

20 April 2006 3:49 am by
Rodney Landrum


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I thought about titling every blog entry “FunnyTitle…and SQL” but judging from the responses thus far, which would equate to NULL, I am changing my approach. I was speaking to a colleage just now about the things you talk about when “on break,” to the point that it is too hot where I am at (Pensacola). […]

19 April 2006 7:52 pm by
Phil Factor

Selling Oneself Short


A long time ago, I was transformed from resolute geek into a salesman. I’d written an application, commissioned by an international software publisher that subsequently disappeared in a spectacular way. It was an MSDOS program for managing serial communications for people who didn’t like computers much, but had to use them. It was good. Suddenly, […]

13 April 2006 10:32 pm by
Rodney Landrum

Old Bands and Almost Famous and Working


 As I type this I am resting on the gluteus trying to work on an exciting BI project that should bring to the surface otherwise fossilized remnants of data. This ozone friendly data, as it is touted in almost every BI webcast, will empower “knowledge workers” to make better business decisions. Having worked with the […]

10 April 2006 7:25 pm by
Richard Mitchell

What is SQL?


OK now to most of you reading this blog, well all 3 of you at least this would seem like a simple question. SQL is a programming language for querying databases. Well, it isn’t. SQL is a Query Language, as such it is not meant to be used a programming language. It’s all very cunning […]

7 April 2006 8:54 am by
Rodney Landrum

Hypnagogic Somnambulance and SQL


I have been reading A Short History of Nearly Everything this past month. Yes, it took me a month, not because I am a slow reader, but because I typically find myself reading right before sleep and when the words begin to blur, the book falls to the floor unimpeded by any muscular reflex to […]

5 April 2006 3:17 pm by

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