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2006 March

Richard Mitchell

Telekinisis doesn’t exist


Me and a few friends went bowling last night which is all well and good but it got me to thinking about telekinisis. I mean all of this energy put into willing the bowling ball onto track and willing that last pin to fall over. There are millions of people bowling all over the world, […]

29 March 2006 9:55 am by
Dan J Archer

Making Tracks


Feeling as we did that it was time to take longer strides (ah, the Killing Game Show. A fine example of early 90′s computer gaming) Red Gate has just released the beta version of our shiny new SQL Dependency Tracker. This is, in many ways, a long-planned revamp of last year’s SQL Dependency Viewer beta. […]

28 March 2006 12:33 pm by
Phil Factor

Avoiding the TSQL ‘Convert’ styles.


A recent blog was extolling the advantages of being able to use the CLR routines in SQL Server 2005 to do Microsoft-style date formats, instead of having the fuss and bother of remembering the CAST or CONVERT styles for the various representations of dates It is actually quite easy to do these date formats  in SQL […]

26 March 2006 3:10 pm by
Phil Factor

The Incident of ‘The Two Johns’ -an IT Manager confesses.


…in which Phil Factor takes advantage of the cloak of anonymity to confess to an embarassing mistake As an IT Manager, I used to love doing staff appraisals. These rituals come by different names in different companies, ‘performance reviews’, ‘annual reports’, ‘staff assessments’ and so on. There are periodic crazes for pinning a different name […]

20 March 2006 4:25 am by
Helen Joyce

SQL Backup 4.0 and beyond


Phew…with SQL Backup 4.1 released attention has now turned to supporting 64 bit versions of SQL Server. There is no let up and testing already underway, with a beta planned for 24th April 2006. Please email me ( if you want to be part of the beta program and be one of the privileged few to […]

15 March 2006 11:43 am by
Arthur Fuller

Dogs of War

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In Canada, specifically the province of Ontario (where I live), and in the USA, specifically the state of Ohio, various dog-attacks have caused the respective legislatures of these places to enact laws specifically forbidding the ownership of Pit-Bulls. Clayton Ruby, Canada’s wanna-be equivalent of either Ralph Nader or William F. Kunstler, or perhaps both, is […]

14 March 2006 10:32 am by
Phil Factor

Spoofing Popularity-A warning to Webmasters


In which Phil tries to warn you of the dangers of over-valuing Website-traffic Stats. A friend who runs a local history website in a rural area of England surprised me by saying that he values a single letter of interest or appreciation more highly than any amount of increased web-traffic on his site. He gave […]

13 March 2006 12:56 pm by
Phil Factor

How to succeed in IT Part 2 Irregular verbs for IT managers


The Devils Manual for IT Managers Part 2: Irregular verbs for IT managers The way you describe events, decisions and actions in IT development depends on who you are. The following chart should give the general idea on the way things can be spun. I feel sure I have left a lot out, so I’d […]

8 March 2006 8:52 pm by
Arthur Fuller

Evaluation Software


Fuller’s Fifth Law: always bite the hand that feeds. In dutiful obeisance to my own laws, I have chosen  to vilify  the sponsor of  my blog,  Red Gate, whose evaluation software makes, in my opinion, a foolish mistake.   Before I explain why, let me ask, How many hours did you work last week, and […]

8 March 2006 1:23 pm by
Phil Factor

How to Succeed in IT Part 1: How to prevent Initiatives


The Devils Manual for IT Managers Part 1: How to prevent Initiatives The IT Manager must do all he can to prevent initiatives happening within his department, whilst, at the same time, maintaining a general atmosphere of innovation. Your staff may not understand the subtleties of this, and will badger you with good ideas. The […]

4 March 2006 7:22 pm by
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