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2006 February

Dan J Archer

Wheels within wheels


I hate to depart from my usual ranting and raving and actually post some useful code, but the below is too lovely to ignore. Before I proceed to take credit, I have to thank Google and the following poster(s): The below is a rather elementary explanation of the code posted therein, with a generic […]

28 February 2006 4:36 pm by
James Moore

SQL Data Compare Version 5 Beta


[Edit] ***** The beta has now been released. Please visit and sign up to get download instructions ******** [/Edit] Next week we will begin to roll out the beta for SQL Bundle 5 – as long as no show stopping bugs turn up in the next few days. In light of this I thought I […]

27 February 2006 4:52 pm by
Phil Factor

I could do it in my sleep


Like many other programmers, I have adapted to a rather cat-like lifestyle of intense activity followed by relative languor. This coincides with the cyclic nature of the industry: Either there is too much work or too little. At the moment, there’s too much work, so I’m tending to work around twelve-hour days, often more. Of […]

23 February 2006 10:01 pm by
Dom Reed



OK.. this has nothing to do with SQL, and for that I apologise.  But it does have some relevance to usable design and application development: Watch the video and hurry on back…. SPLINK OK.. so it’s a road safety message for children enjoying the 1970′s in the UK.  I can remember this one, scarily enough.  […]

13 February 2006 10:45 pm by
Phil Factor

Sir! My dog ate my database.


In asking various colleagues about the disasters or near disasters they have had with databases, I find to my astonishment that I am the only one who has ever, in a moment when my attention wandered, deleted a live database. It is odd, though, how products geared solely to mopping up from database disasters sell […]

9 February 2006 9:04 am by
Richard Mitchell

Red Gate Scream AKA SQL Compare snapshot comparison tool for source control integration


One of the things that seems to be missing from large scale database development is the ability to really see the differences from one version of the database to the next. Now of course SQL Compare can take snapshots and these snapshots can be stored in a source control system but in order to compare […]

8 February 2006 7:56 am by
Dan J Archer

Trivial Persuits

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Once again I find myself penning a missive on trivia, rather than matters of import. Still, now we’re here… Regular expressions. To a large extent, I hate them. To begin with, they are a complete misnominer. They are neither regular, nor expressions. Don’t believe me? To demonstrate this I’ll consult an authority on such topics. […]

7 February 2006 12:43 pm by
Dom Reed

It all went wrong


Things weren’t going swimmingly.  In fact, you could say it was an unmitigated disaster.  That might sound overly dramatic though, so let’s just say things were somewhat less optimal and keep it quiet.  Nobody needs to know.  In fact, forget I even mentioned it.  Forget this even.  No really… stop reading.  Why are you still […]

4 February 2006 1:15 pm by

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