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2006 January

Phil Factor

If you go down to the woods today…


–On the drawing of  teddy-bears/*I have been gently reproached for making my blog too developer-oriented, and geeky; thereby making managers feel neglected. We therefore introduce Teddy, our foray into unashamed  nostalgia in the days of 80×25 character terminals. In those days, immense effort was expended in drawing pictures in this unpromising medium*/ Create   procedure spTeddy@teddy varchar(8000)=null output asSelect […]

29 January 2006 2:59 pm by
David Connell

Performance and Multiple Assigment in C#

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I was recently thinking if I really liked to use the Multiple assignment in ‘C#’ or if it was less readable. In ‘C’ this syntax was popular as it tended to lead to smaller and quicker code.So I wondered in C# if the multiple assigment also lead to quicker code. So I quickly wrote some […]

25 January 2006 5:13 pm by
Phil Factor

"Documentation is the castor oil of programming"


As prizes for the little occasional competitions on this BLog, we will be giving out copies of one or other of a couple of rather old books. They just happen to be two of the best books ever written about developing software. I’d be fascinated to hear of any other books in the same league. […]

23 January 2006 10:31 am by
Phil Factor

Getting Stuff Into SQL Server

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Often, Newbies to SQL Server are left feeling puzzled by the difficulty of ‘Getting stuff in and out’ of data tables. At first it does seem daunting, and I have to admit that I’m still a bit vague on some aspects myself. How, (or why) would one get image data in or out of a […]

20 January 2006 9:43 am by
James Moore

WinForms FAQ


If you have programmed with Windows Forms for long it is most probable that you have come across one or two (or three or four ) “quirks” in how WinForms works however a little help is at hand. I found this FAQ the other day which has some useful tips and tricks on how to get some […]

18 January 2006 11:41 am by
Phil Factor

A SQL Limerick


It wasn’t my idea at all. However someone set me the challenge of writing executable code that rhymed and scanned in the form of a limerick. Obviously, the easy trick is to just to write the limerick, assign it to a string and then do text substitution on that striing to convert it into SQL […]

13 January 2006 8:15 am by
Phil Factor

Monthly Calendars in Transact SQL


/*I have been seized with the novel idea of writing something useful in a BLOG entry.My eye was caught by the rather fetching calendar in the top right of the BLOG. I’ve had to write Transact SQL code that produces calendars like this in production systems before now; Most often when one has to get […]

10 January 2006 3:44 am by
Dom Reed

The usability curse

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When I did my degree, nobody told me that my life would forever be cursed.Not once was I taken aside, sat down, and told in clear and simple words that my life would never be the same.  Like hyperactive kittens faced with a vat of warm fishy milk, we lapped up the techniques to spot […]

9 January 2006 10:27 am by
Bart Read

.NET Oddities #4


This is sheer genius:System.Math.Sin( double a )System.Math.Cos( double a )…etcall take an angle in radians as their argument. However:System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix.Rotate( float angle )and System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Matrix.Rotate( float angle, MatrixOrder order )both take the angle in degrees. Who on earth designed this?!??…Never mind, it’s not that important. I’m just going to take a few deep breaths, get my blood […]

9 January 2006 9:08 am by
David Connell

Adding your own .NET exceptions to Visual Studio


You can easily add your own exceptions into Visual Studio so that you do not need to add them in each time into your project when debugging your code.I have only checked this against Visual Studio 2003, but it looks like it would works the same in Visual Studio 2000 and Visual Studio 2005. BR>Start […]

9 January 2006 5:01 am by
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