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2005 December

Lionel Clarke

Sql Puzzle 5


/*I hope that everybody had a good Christmas. I apologize for the lack of new puzzles but I have been using up the remains of my Holiday. Since it is the New Year I thought we should start it off with a nice easy but fun puzzle.Recently I have been struggling writing some internal Red […]

30 December 2005 5:27 pm by
Lionel Clarke

A Sql Game


There seems to be computer game written in almost every language out there but I haven’t yet found one written in Transact SQL. I thought that poor old DBAs should have some form of game to play so I have written a little 3D maze game in Transact SQL. Since there is no obvious way […]

30 December 2005 5:23 pm by
David Connell

Copying File Security Attributes


Last week I was investigating writing out files and what happens if I over-write an existing file.   I remembered back from my MFC days that CDocument makes up a little internal C++ class called CMirrorFile. This is a very clever class that when overwriting an existing file, it copies the original file to a […]

20 December 2005 3:49 am by
Lionel Clarke

Sql Puzzle 4


/*Sorry for the delay putting up this puzzle but I was going to post a different puzzle for this week but failed to get a solution for it When queuing for our food at the Christmas party, I noticed that several of ushad already overdone the alcoholic drinks. Whilst we waited, I wondered howmany drunk […]

16 December 2005 11:35 am by
Dan J Archer

Super size me

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Having fixed all the outstanding “Oh my [deity/dictator of choice], we have to fix this now or people will be really rather unhappy” issues (as they’re referred to under our bug tracking system. Or is that my imagination? You know, I think it probably is) against DTS Package Compare 2.0, it was time to turn […]

12 December 2005 3:12 pm by
Richard Mitchell

New Check for Updates Client too


Well not only have we got the currently running SQL Data Compare Beta – well SQL Tools beta really but that’s the important bit . We have the new DTS Compare Beta, we’re going to be starting work on the next update of our brilliant SQL Log Rescue tool too. Not only all that but […]

9 December 2005 7:52 am by
Dom Reed

Filtering foibles


There are times when you’re striving for a usable design, and no matter what you try, your attempt just fails to cut the mustard.  Everyone has a difference of opinion as to what should be done to fix it and you’re stuck there trying to think of a sensible improvement.  What to do? Time to […]

8 December 2005 4:09 pm by
Helen Joyce

Count down to SQL Backup 4.0 release

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  We are now ‘feature complete’ and only have a few weeks until we have code lock off. The beta program has in the region of 75 customers signed up, many of which are actively posting feedback on the private forum. The comments have been encouraging. The beta testers have been carrying out some impressive […]

7 December 2005 10:28 am by
James Moore

SQL Server Documentation


Brian Welcker has posted that the December 2005 updates of SQL Server Books online, SQL Server Samples and Sample Databases and the Express Editions documentation and samples are now available to download from the following links: SQL Server 2005 Books Online (December 2005 Update) SQL Server 2005 Samples and Sample Databases (December 2005) SQL Server […]

7 December 2005 8:57 am by
Dan J Archer

Cowboy filenames

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If you ask me, and I take it as implicit by your visit that you do (sorry about that, but it’s Friday afternoon and I need a weekend), Windows is far too facist about filenames. Most notably in terms of the characters one can put into a filename, and the obstreperous way it will cough […]

2 December 2005 4:53 pm by

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