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2005 November

David Connell

Mapping of .NET Assembly attributes to File Version Information Attributes.


.NET automatically generates a FileInformation resource when building the assembly. Here is a mapping of the .NET attribute to the corresponding named element in VersionInformation and the name that Windows Explorer puts on its UI. Assembly Attribute VersionInfo Windows Explore name AssemblyTitle FileDescription Description AssemblyDescription Comments Comments AssemblyConfiguration AssemblyCompany CompanyName Company AssemblyCopyright LegalCopyright Copyright AssemblyTrademark […]

30 November 2005 12:43 pm by
Richard Mitchell

The new SQL Data Compare beta


The new SQL Data Compare beta is about to be released and I hope you all get a chance to have a good look at it and send me your opinions. There are a few features that we are quite proud of mostly of course these are surrounding our new Yukon support, SQL Server 2005 […]

29 November 2005 10:06 am by
Dom Reed

Cat detective


Ahhh… now… er… that shouldn’t happen.  Oooh, yup, that’s not at all clear.  Purrr, Meow, Purrr.  Hmmm… they’re not finding that and why are they trying there?  Reviewing a usability trial recording is akin to playing the role of a detective.  You can’t be one of those detectives who, week after week, fail to solve […]

25 November 2005 9:01 am by
David Connell

Visual Studio & Zoomin…..


I used to like the old Zoomin utility that came with Visual Studio 6…. Anyway looks like this little applet is no longer shipped in Visual Studio 2003 or Visual Studio 2005. I have recently come across a replacement utility at code project – better zoomin. It does allow you to zoomin a specific part […]

24 November 2005 11:26 am by
Bart Read

.NET Oddities #3


OK, so I’ll admit this is a bit cheeky: this entry should almost certainly be .NET Oddities #2a because it’s so closely related to #2, but there. You may have noticed, and in fact I already knew this, that OutOfMemoryException (like StackOverflowException) has a null value for its StackTrace property. Again, this can be a […]

24 November 2005 9:00 am by
David Connell

Wild card registering COM dlls


When developing a COM based application sometimes it’s sometimes useful to register all the DLLs/OCX at once.From a command prompt C:develepprojectrelease>for %i in (*.dll,*.ocx) do regsvr32.exe %i /sThis will try to register all dll’s even if they are not COM dlls. This is fine as the registration will fail silently.You can change the above command […]

23 November 2005 1:04 pm by
David Connell

Debugging Arbitrary thread stacks in .NET


Check out John Robbins November 05 Bugslayer article.. He has ported his excellent SUPERASSRT code from native C++ into C#. Part of his solution uses CDB.(a command line version of WinDBG)I have previously found producing minidump files very useful in tracking down native code problems, so I will be trying out his new C# implementation […]

23 November 2005 9:21 am by
David Connell

Explorer and Environment variables


You can type environment variables into the the Explorer Address bar and it is expanded into its full path.Typical examples include:   Environment Variable  Meaning Example %TEMP% Temp directory C:TEMP %TMP% Temp directory C:TEMP %USERPROFILE% Current Profile C:Documents and SettingsDavid Connell %WINDIR% Windows Directory  C:Windows You may have some company specific enviroment variables, check it out […]

23 November 2005 9:05 am by
Richard Mitchell

Type safe collections


I must admit that creating a nice type safe collection for a new feature in one of our products took me a little time. There are some very good resources online on how to setup your own type safe collection so I thought I’d contribute a little to that resource. The key to all this […]

23 November 2005 9:04 am by
Dan J Archer

Wing Dings


Occasionally when developing software you come across really absurd or bizarre bugs. The user interface for the application I’m currently developing recently exhibited one of these: a propensity for beeping periodically, for no readily explicable reason. To be precise, not so much a beeping as a “ding”ing. Now like most software developers, I work in […]

22 November 2005 6:49 pm by
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