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Grant Fritchey

Azure SQL Data Warehouse Lives!


Frequently when a new piece of tech that I’m excited about is launched, total nerd that I am, I’ll start quoting Colin Clive in, still the best, James Wale’s Frankenstein. It’s ALIVE! ALIVE! Well, time to get excited. On Monday, July 11, Azure SQL Data Warehouse moves from being in preview on Azure to a […]

13 July 2016 3:47 pm by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 58 – Royal Tweetment


Hallucinating at the coronation, or just elaborate costumes? Tell us what’s going on here and our favourite answer will win an Amazon gift card worth $50. You have until July 14th to enter, and the winner will be announced in the next newsletter.

30 June 2016 5:56 pm by
Laerte Junior

Invoke-SqlCmd Just Got Better!


If you’ve read even just a few of my articles on Simple-Talk you know that I’m a big fan of PowerShell + SQL Server.  Over the years I have written a lot about how to collect data from your SQL Servers and store it somewhere, maybe in a database, maybe in a word document.  Well […]

30 June 2016 4:23 pm by
Phil Factor

Data Security: Time to be Grown-Up


How do you quickly clear a room-full of application developers, short of shouting ‘fire’ and setting off a smoke-bomb? The answer, of course, is to stand up in front of them and announce that you are giving a talk about database access-control and security. Once, at a conference, I sat through a brilliant talk on […]

30 June 2016 1:33 pm by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 57 – Bicircling


What’s going on in this week’s scene? Leave a caption in the comments before June 30th, and the response we find funniest will win an Amazon giftcard worth $50.

16 June 2016 6:29 pm by
Phil Factor

Measure of a DBA


Marketing people are often surprised when a new version of SQL Server doesn’t quite generate the atmosphere of excited anticipation that they expected. After all, people seem to get themselves in a state of frenzy when a new iPhone is introduced, and suddenly their present phone looks like a museum item. The urge to upgrade […]

15 June 2016 11:18 am by
Damon Armstrong

IE vs. Chrome for Debugging Ajax Web Service Calls


I was recently attempting to get Cross Origin Resources Sharing (CORS) working with some of our web services so we can more easily achieve cross-domain calls in our product lines.  Having never done any work with CORS before, I found a tutorial and started configuring the project for CORS support.  Since I wasn’t really concerned […]

7 June 2016 3:22 pm by
Phil Factor

Unmasking the Dynamic Data Masking


/* Revised 27th June Dynamic data masking is a great product and solves some niche problems that come if you need to do certain testing with live data at the application level. You should, however, beware of using it as a database-level security device. I haven't yet used it in testing because I don't have […]

6 June 2016 4:50 pm by
Carly Meichen

Be the first to try Redgate SQL Compare 12


I’m excited to announce the beta release of SQL Compare & SQL Data Compare 12. This is the culmination of many months of hard work, and it gives us great pleasure to share the new look and feel, influenced and endorsed by our users. We want to use this beta period to get as much […]

3 June 2016 12:38 pm by
Tony Davis



In a recent blog post, Jonathan Kehayias demonstrates a clever way to “multi-thread” maintenance tasks, when they need to run against very large (i.e. multiple terabyte) databases. The tool he used? Good old-fashioned Service Broker. Simply create some basic Service Broker objects, an activation procedure to automate Ola Hallengren’s maintenance procedures, bind the activation procedure […]

3 June 2016 10:30 am by
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