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Phil Factor

For the Love of Stored Procedures


It is an exaggeration to say that I like stored procedures. They are an essential if somewhat dangerous part of the Sybase and SQL Server landscape, rather like a volcano, bog or swamp. If you use a stored procedure in the same way as a procedure in any other language, you soon end up in […]

27 February 2015 11:14 am by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 23 – Remote Viewing


It is time once again for you to gaze upon an intriguing scene and let us know what’s happening, in an amusing way as possible. Fabulous riches, in the form of a $50 Amazon voucher, await the winner. For the others: the warm, nay heady glow of participation.

27 February 2015 10:57 am by
Phil Scrace

The SQL Lock Product Story


If your team shares a development database, it’s easy to accidentally overwrite changes when two people try to change the same object and we’d been hearing that a lot of developers were using ‘locking’ to prevent other members of the team from trampling on their changes. Intrigued if this was a wider problem, we ran […]

26 February 2015 3:25 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Get-WFFarm and Troubleshooting Register-SPWorklfowService


I was helping a colleague configure workflow on his SharePoint development environment when we ran into an issue running the Register-SPWorkflowService cmdlet: Register-SPWorkflowService : An internal error occured. For more details, please see the server logs. Client ActivityId : af6ae27e-02cc-4aed-914d-a59d21d23427. At line:1 char:1 + Register-SPWorkflowService -spsite https://siteUrl/sites/Site … + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidData: (Microsoft.Share…WorkflowService: […]

17 February 2015 5:12 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Fixing the “Content Processing Pipeline Failed to Process the Item" and "Cannot Load Wordbreaker for en or the Fall Back" Errors in SharePoint Search


I was attempting to search for something in my development SharePoint farm and couldn’t find it.  So I ran the crawler and attempted again.  Still couldn’t find it.  After poking around, I saw in the error logs that I had 5000+ errors during the search crawl, most of which said something about “the content processing […]

16 February 2015 9:05 pm by
Tony Davis

On Selecting a Database System Fit for the Task


Now that the rate of hot air hissing out of the NoSQL marketing balloon seems to be abating, we can take stock of the obvious qualities of the technologies in a less excitable atmosphere. There are some impressive technologies out there. The oddly-named Neo4J, for example, is an excellent ‘Graph’, or network, database that can […]

13 February 2015 11:20 am by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 22 – The Old Man and the C#


What might these gentlemen be saying to one another? The funniest gets $50 in Amazon vouchers.

13 February 2015 11:11 am by
Damon Armstrong

SharePoint Apps: Blank Page Displayed when Navigating to App


I was trying to get a SharePoint app up and running in our environment but was running into a bit of an oddity.  After clicking on our App’s icon in Site Contents, I was taken to a blank page.  It wasn’t a SharePoint error page.  It wasn’t an IIS error page.  It was just a […]

10 February 2015 12:42 pm by
Rodney Landrum

Upside Down Sizing

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At one point late last week I had a 4 bedroom house in the happiest place on earth, Orlando, Florida.  It was a nice two story home, with a swimming pool and game room, new appliances and two large oak trees out front and a fertile rose bush whose yellow roses bloomed 40 or more […]

9 February 2015 9:03 pm by
Tony Davis

Ooh R


Why has Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics, the company who provide open source distributions of R, alongside commercial “Enterprise” extensions for big data infrastructures? R is a programming language and platform for data manipulation, time series analysis, statistical modelling and graphics. It provides powerful statistical methods that can, for example, explore the relationships between the many […]

30 January 2015 10:52 am by
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