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Phil Factor

UWP: The Platform Formerly Known as Metro


Three years ago, I listened to a keynote at a developer conference. The man from Microsoft beamed confidently at the vast auditorium and said “I can tell you confidently that in a year’s time, you will all be writing Metro applications for a huge marketplace”. We clapped, but as the keynote proceeded and we saw […]

21 May 2015 12:46 pm by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 29 – Ladies of the Lake


What a beautiful idyll! What a beautiful crossbow! What a lovely day for a caption competition. The funniest comment left below wins $50 in Amazon credit.

21 May 2015 10:07 am by
Phil Factor

Spinach and Database Development

1 comment

A little while ago Phil got to thinking about his garden, and the myths and misinformation that forced inferior food down the gullets of children. This was an example of bad data, and Phil wants it gone. Below is a video (and transcript) that Phil gave as the keynote of SQL Saturday Exeter. The Transcript […]

14 May 2015 4:16 pm by
Dennes Torres

Using Optimize for ad-hoc workloads

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SQL Server caches the executio plan of our queries, not only stored procedures, but also ad hoc queries. However, when our server activity is mostly ad hoc queries, we have the risk to be wasting memory with queries that will never be executed again. To solve this problem, this memory wasting with queries that will never […]

10 May 2015 3:19 am by
Jason Crease

The Brian Keller VM – Try out Microsoft’s ALM stack easily


Why do I need this? Microsoft sells a range of tools to support a project from ideation to release and beyond. In Microsoft’s ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) vision: you create work items (requirements, user stories, bugs) in Team Foundation Server (TFS), write your code in Visual Studio, commit to Team Foundation Version Control, build it […]

8 May 2015 10:17 am by
Tony Davis

The Art of the Author


When tidying out an old cupboard a few weeks ago, one after another I casually tossed outdated, dusty technical books into a recycling box. I paused however, when I reached one particular book, on “ASP for Databases” with which I’d had some editorial involvement. At the time, it had seemed just another book, albeit a […]

7 May 2015 3:38 pm by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 28 – The Eyes Have It


A strange glimpse of a dark, ovoid future? A warning from the past? You decide! Best caption wins a $50 Amazon voucher.

7 May 2015 3:13 pm by
Ben Emmett

Setting up Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi from a VM


Following Build last week, I wanted to try running Universal Apps on a Raspberry Pi 2, but the setup instructions mention having to provision the SD card from a physical Windows 10 machine. It must be physical because the OS needs raw access to the SD card, and only Windows 10 is able to flash […]

3 May 2015 2:46 pm by
Dennes Torres

Why you should always use schema name in queries

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There is a very important reason to always use the schema name in the queries. For example, the following sintax can be a problem: select * from customers The solution is to use the schema name in the query: select * from dbo.customers The reason is simple: SQL Server does cache the query plan for […]

30 April 2015 2:22 am by
Tony Davis

Taming Transaction Logzilla


A transaction log, if sized sensibly, is like a ring buffer. It will stay the same size however much data it holds, up to a point. It is when something goes wrong that the log can turn into a disk-space-devouring monster, and my heart sinks whenever I stumble across a forum or Q&A post advocating […]

24 April 2015 10:19 am by
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