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Damon Armstrong

Fixing the "The operation took too long" Error in O365


I was attempting to deploy a provider-hosted application to my O365 instance and it was failing with an extremely helpful message reading “The operation took too long”.  In the past, we’ve seen situations where a remote event receiver took too long to execute, but the message that comes back says something about the remote event […]

5 February 2016 9:02 pm by
Carly Meichen

What’s in Your Project Folder?


I think that almost every developer likes to try out a new computer language occasionally. Many devs that I’ve spoken to tend to write the same application in each language, over and over again. An expression analyzer is one I get told about. Others like to write a pocket calculator simulator, or maybe a to-do […]

4 February 2016 4:50 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Fixing the File Not Found Error Opening a SharePoint Site with Spaces in the URL using Site.OpenWeb


I was investigating a bug in the SharePoint app I’m working on where a function was failing on sites with URLs containing spaces.  Although I’m not a fan of creating sites with spaces in the URL, SharePoint lets you do it so it’s going to happen.  At first, I thought the issue would be easy […]

28 January 2016 9:32 pm by
Tony Davis

A Database to Diagram for


I’m no database designer but I do occasionally need to build a very simple database model, no more than a small handful of tables, to test out some code for an article or presentation. The other day, I was indulging in my usual habit of slowly tapping out CREATE and ALTER TABLE statements in SQL, […]

28 January 2016 6:00 pm by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 47 – Killer Crustaceans


Looks like these two are in a bit of a pinch! But how did they end up in such decapodous danger? Where even are they? Where are they off to? And how on earth can we be expecting you to tie this to tech? Answer these questions and more by leaving a caption below! We’ll […]

28 January 2016 1:59 pm by
Dennes Torres

Are your check constraints trustable ?


SQL Server keeps a record to identify if a check constraint is trustable or not. When all the records in the database where checked against the constraint it’s trustable, otherwise it’s not. If the check constraint is trustable, it can be used by the query optimizer. For example, if the check constraint avoid values below […]

24 January 2016 4:48 am by
Phil Factor

De-duplicating Delimited Lists in SQL Server


/* In a recent article 'Removing Duplicates from Strings in SQL Server', Aaron Bertrand comes up with the interesting problem of removing duplicates from lists of strings. The example he gives is … 'Bravo/Alpha/Bravo/Tango/Delta/Bravo/Alpha/Delta'… and you want to make each word unique in the list… ‘Alpha/Bravo/Delta/Tango’. … You want just one occurrence of Bravo, for […]

19 January 2016 6:24 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Making SharePoint App Access Token Caching work in MVC


I’ve put together a couple of SharePoint Apps that use MVC to run the remote web application.  When you use MVC for a SharePoint remote web, Visual Studio automatically includes some helpful files to help manage the SharePoint access token.  I decided to go ahead and try to use these files to help me out, […]

14 January 2016 9:48 pm by
Tony Davis

Real Developer Heroics


One of the strange paradoxes of team development is that effort beyond the call of duty is generally discouraged. Developers who are new to team working assume that, if they work wonders to solve apparently intractable programming problems in record time, then all around them will smile in gratitude. The instinct to solve problems is […]

14 January 2016 3:04 pm by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 46 – Do or Dye


If you’re not careful, you can end up impulse-buying all sorts of things in the January sales! Leave a comment captioning this curious scene and our favourite will win $50 worth of Amazon gift card goodness.

14 January 2016 2:41 pm by
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