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Ben Emmett

Azure Database and Query Store support in ANTS Performance Profiler


Azure SQL DB support After identifying a slow-running SQL Server query, ANTS Performance Profiler allows you to view its execution plan. This has been great for on-premise SQL Server, but until now it hasn’t been possible for those using Azure SQL DB, primarily due to a different security model on Azure. The latest version of […]

3 May 2016 11:55 am by
Dennes Torres

How to find blocked process


Blocked processes are often a big problem to DBA’s. They are difficult to monitor. We receive desperate calls saying “Everything is slow!” and before we can do anything a second call “Oh, don’t worry, it’s everything ok again”. Most of times it happens because ill-behaved process that blocks other tasks for short periods. How can […]

2 May 2016 7:10 pm by
Dennes Torres

Are the statistics being updated?


The auto-update statistics configuration updates statistics when the amount of row changes in the table achieves 20% of total rows. However, for tables with too many rows, this threshold is too high. For example, a table with 1 million rows will only update statistics after 200 thousands changes. That’s too much and can affect query […]

27 April 2016 2:47 am by
Tony Davis



Microsoft was slow to meet the demand to be able to store and retrieve data in JSON, the native data format of ubiquitous JavaScript-driven web sites and mobile applications. Its late entry into the market, Azure DocumentDB, still has a lot of ground to make up; in the meantime, MongoDB has managed to fill the […]

21 April 2016 3:35 pm by
Dennes Torres

How to find CPU intensive queries


High CPU usage is a very common problem in SQL Servers. Any query with a bad query plan can steal CPU time and harm system response time. Fortunately we can find queries with high CPU time using sys.dm_exec_query_stats DMV. This DMV, created in SQL Server 2008, keeps performance statistics for cached query plans, allowing us […]

19 April 2016 8:35 pm by
Charlie Thomas

Supporting Your BI – Detecting Source System Change with Gearset


Like many organisations, Salesforce has become the heart of the Sales and Marketing effort at Redgate. Business Intelligence systems have evolved to use Salesforce as a significant source of data to deliver additional insight in data marts, data warehouses, and via analytics and visualisation technologies. Managing Change BI systems, particularly the ETL or Extract, Transformation […]

19 April 2016 4:31 pm by
Damon Armstrong

SharePoint’s Way of Saying Your String is Too Long


I accidentally defined a field in a SharePoint list as a text field instead of a multiline text field and when I went to save a very long XML string into that field I received the following message: Invalid text value. A text field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again. Since […]

19 April 2016 12:49 pm by
Damon Armstrong

How to Configure Mapped Properties for Users in O365


I was troubleshooting one of our products in O365 and ran into an issue where search results were not coming back.  So I popped open the SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool and started to look into the problem, and about two minutes into the process I remembered that SharePoint search is infuriating.  My query worked […]

19 April 2016 12:38 pm by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 53 – At the Drop of a Cat


What’s going on here? Leave a caption in the comments and you could win a $50 Amazon voucher, we’ll announce our favourite in the May 9th newsletter.

19 April 2016 10:38 am by
Tony Davis

Goodwill and hard learning at SQL Bits 15

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SQL Bits XV, the official launch event for SQL Server 2016, begins in Liverpool, UK, on May 4, 2016. Simple-Talk is a strong supporter of this event, and for good reasons; it’s a fantastic training event, and also one of those that feels “right” from the moment you enter the venue. There are so many […]

8 April 2016 5:06 pm by
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