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Robert Kovacsics

ANTS Profiler Beta: Profiling the Azure Emulator


The next releases of ANTS Performance and Memory Profilers will include the ability to profile Microsoft Azure projects hosted locally on the Azure compute emulator. We’d really appreciate your help giving us feedback. You can download the latest betas from the links below, and send any feedback to

17 August 2015 11:54 am by
Tony Davis

Building Databases: One Man’s Best Practice?


In software development, one man’s meat is often another man’s poison. We come across a technique and it works for us. We assume it will work in all contexts and publish it as a ‘best practice’. It fails to live up to its promise in other circumstances. As an example of this, a migrations-based approach […]

14 August 2015 12:54 pm by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 35 – Moonstruck


We all need a laugh from time to time, apart from this guy – he clearly has enough going on. But what exactly is that? The funniest caption left in the comments wins a $50 Amazon gift voucher.

13 August 2015 3:28 pm by
Dennes Torres

Be careful when exchanging old text field by varchar(max)


Image and Text fields are deprecated and should be replaced by varchar(max) and varbinary(max), but there are details about how these fields are stored that should be analyzed. All these types are called LOB types, types that store Large OBjects. However, there are a big difference between how the old LOB data types (text,ntext, image) […]

10 August 2015 2:46 am by
Ben Emmett

Beta release of C#6 support in .NET Reflector


.NET Reflector 9 adds support for the new features in C#6 and VB14 (as well as for .NET 4.6, which they relate to). There are numerous new language features, so as the Reflector team adds support for each of these features in turn, we will release regular beta updates here. You can download the latest […]

5 August 2015 6:30 pm by
Stephanie Herr

Webinar Q&A – The Definitive Guide to Database Lifecycle Management

1 comment

  With Grant Fritchey & Matthew Skelton, and host, Stephanie Herr  I was so excited to host our 4th webinar in the DLM Coffee Break series last week, and have a chance to talk to the authors of the new book from Redgate, “Database Lifecycle Management: Achieving Database Continuous Delivery.”  The book itself is actually being written on a […]

5 August 2015 2:53 pm by
Tony Davis

Getting the Measure of Your Application


The idea of ‘instrumenting’ an application often seems to puzzle application developers. Modern IDEs are so full of code-tracers, debuggers and profilers that developers seem to resent the idea that applications should be designed and developed so as to be measurable. The application’s methods need to be instrumented so that, on demand, the application can […]

31 July 2015 11:10 am by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 34 – Bold As Brass


This man has some fine, fine whiskers. But that’s not really why we’re here – we want you to tell us what’s happening in this scene. Best caption wins a $50 Amazon voucher.

30 July 2015 3:12 pm by
Carly Meichen

Time’s running out to share your .NET performance optimization tips

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We’re  on the lookout for the best .NET performance tips. The kind that can save hours of work and loads of worry. The kind that, while simple when you know about them, are a revelation when you don’t. We’ll be publishing the best tips, under your name if you choose, in a free, community-created, professionally […]

30 July 2015 2:50 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Managing ClientContext.ExecuteQuery Errors in SharePoint CSOM


One of the underlying realities of working with SharePoint’s client side object model (CSOM) is that you are not continuously connected to SharePoint. This means that as you build commands and queries in CSOM that they are stored up and then executed in batch when you call the ClientContext.ExecuteQuery method. Another unfortunate reality of working […]

30 July 2015 2:15 pm by
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