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Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 34 – Bold As Brass

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This man has some fine, fine whiskers. But that’s not really why we’re here – we want you to tell us what’s happening in this scene. Best caption wins a $50 Amazon voucher.

30 July 2015 3:12 pm by
Carly Meichen

Time’s running out to share your .NET performance optimization tips


We’re  on the lookout for the best .NET performance tips. The kind that can save hours of work and loads of worry. The kind that, while simple when you know about them, are a revelation when you don’t. We’ll be publishing the best tips, under your name if you choose, in a free, community-created, professionally […]

30 July 2015 2:50 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Managing ClientContext.ExecuteQuery Errors in SharePoint CSOM


One of the underlying realities of working with SharePoint’s client side object model (CSOM) is that you are not continuously connected to SharePoint. This means that as you build commands and queries in CSOM that they are stored up and then executed in batch when you call the ClientContext.ExecuteQuery method. Another unfortunate reality of working […]

30 July 2015 2:15 pm by
Dennes Torres

A few more about translation of cube dimensions


  Translations are a very usefull feature in multidimensional cubes. We can translate not only the cube structure, but also the data. Of course we need to have the data already translated in our table fields. AdventureWorksDW has a dimension table named dimProducts that has EnglishProductName, SpanishProductName and FrenchProductName, so it’s easy to configure translation, […]

26 July 2015 7:24 pm by
Ben Emmett

ANTS Performance Profiler 9.2 and ANTS Memory Profiler 8.7 Released


We just released ANTS Performance Profiler 9.2 and ANTS Memory Profiler 8.7. The headline new capability for both is support for profiling ASP.NET 5 DNX applications. The Microsoft team working on DNX recently released their 5th beta, so if there are significant changes now, we’ll release updates to our profilers to maintain support. My colleague will […]

20 July 2015 9:50 am by
Phil Factor

Can Code Review Be Automated?


I was scanning the API of DacFx, the ‘engine’ of SSDT, and became interested in the facility it contains for automating SQL code reviews. DacFx allows you to parse the SQL code sufficiently to do static code analysis, to scan for heresies, deprecated code and code that doesn’t ‘conform to corporate policy’. Dave Ballantyne has […]

17 July 2015 11:38 am by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 33 – Not All Hat


An idyllic stroll in the countryside, in the rain. What could be better? Many things, clearly. But what’s going on in this scene? The funniest caption gets a $50 Amazon voucher. Attempts to tie the answers to computers are always appreciated, even as we demonstrate our respect for you by making that virtually impossible.

16 July 2015 2:56 pm by
Damon Armstrong

An Odd Behavior with the ServerRelativeUrl Property in CSOM


I was attempting to build a query using the ClientContext.LoadQuery method because it has some performance benefits that make it a useful approach for querying SharePoint. I was attempting to query a specific list using the ServerRelativeUrl property on the RootFolder on the List, but I only had the site-relative URL of the list. So […]

16 July 2015 1:33 pm by
Carly Meichen

It’s time to share your top .NET performance optimization tips


You’ve probably been there. There’s an issue with the performance of your .NET application, you don’t know what’s causing it, a deadline is looming, and you turn to a performance profiler to help. You resolve the problem, move on, and you’re thankful you saved the day. Now you can save the day for another developer […]

16 July 2015 11:20 am by
Damon Armstrong

Avoiding JavaScript Library Code While Debugging


I was attempting to debug a piece of JavaScript code in SharePoint that was having issues.  Since I was unfamiliar with the codebase, I decided to try to figure out what code was running right after a certain button click using a tactic described in my blog post How to Start JavaScript Debugging at Just […]

9 July 2015 1:45 pm by
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