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Louis Davidson

What Counts for a DBA – Responsibility


Whose fault is it if a database is hacked and its contents appear on a hacker’s site? Sure, the hacker is the criminal, but could you, the DBA, have prevented the crime happening to your servers?  In the end, the odium that follows a data breach descends on the company who is storing the data, […]

16 April 2015 1:40 am by
Dennes Torres

How to query Included columns and more index metadata


  I’m from the age when sp_help and it’s variants could give to us almost any information about the database objects. Today the server evolved, we have a lot of powerful DMVs to get all the information we would like. The sp_help procs are still there but sometimes they can’t give to us even some […]

13 April 2015 2:55 am by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 26 – They Promised Me A Jetpack


In this breathless rush towards the future, there are bound to be a few mistakes along the way. This certainly looks to be one of them. Funniest caption for this scenario wins a $50 Amazon voucher.

9 April 2015 5:23 pm by
Phil Factor

The Database Neighbours From Hell


In the Windows environment, there seems little safer for application design than a rather staid single-tiered architecture making ODBC/JDBC calls to the RDBMS. I can say this with years of experience in developing applications ranging from the dull but worthy, to the esoteric. However there is an interesting long-term cost to taking the easy route […]

9 April 2015 5:16 pm by
Rodney Landrum

From C to Shining C – My Son’s Journey


My oldest son is turning 22 this week, on Wednesday.  I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said all he wanted was for me to sponsor his journey, Walk Across the World. He asked me to go check out the site he was putting together and what he plans to do […]

6 April 2015 10:49 pm by
Simple-Talk Editorial Team

Caption Competition 25 – Held for Inspection


What wondrous magic is this? Something very small, or is he very large? Caption the scene with an ingenious quip in the comments and be in with the chance to win a $50 Amazon voucher.

26 March 2015 3:22 pm by
Tony Davis

PsGet I love you


Much of the versatility of PowerShell comes from its impressive array of modules, mostly contributed by the community. With a simple command, one can install a module to perform a Find-String, similar to grep, or one to integrate PowerShell with a version control system (PoshGit), or to install a build automation system (Psake). With another […]

26 March 2015 11:15 am by
Louis Davidson

What Counts for a DBA – Empathy

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Every project I am on, there seems to be a common argument. The project manager is pushing to get done faster, and we software producers are pushing back for more “quality” time. Shouldn’t managers have more empathy for what we development-DBA types suffer in pursuit of high-quality data? Every cry of “how much longer is […]

24 March 2015 11:45 pm by
Damon Armstrong

Making PowerShell Output Readable using Out-GridView


On intermittent occasions I get to work with PowerShell and in my last bout with the scripting language I ran across an amazing capability that really makes reading the output of PowerShell much easier – the Out-GridView cmdlet.  You can pipe the output of a command to Out-GridView and the results are displayed in an […]

23 March 2015 12:20 pm by
Phil Factor

Converting XML files to YAML or PSON


The other day, I needed to convert a whole stack of XML files to YAML.  Actually , I would have settled for a conversion to JSON, but for some reason, the built-in cmdlet wouldn’t do it. I was trying to figure out a way of doing the YAML conversion when I suddenly remembered I’d actually […]

13 March 2015 2:37 pm by
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