The One Way That High Availability Will Help You

High Availability (HA) is a term that is beloved of the marketing people, with its connotations of an unspecific sense of reassurance. However, service reliability cannot be bought like bath salts: But, explains a seasoned and cynical expert in the field, HA can be more than the start of 'HAHA!'. There is a role for HA in keeping your services running, if used as part of a broader solution.… Read more

Monitors! Windows Extended Across Windows

In any IT department, there is a certain geek-cool to having a whole range of monitors attached to your PC. The more, the geekier. OK, but are you really trying? In these straitened times, Surely it must be possible to harness old PCs and laptops into a huge display? Our intrepid expert Systems Engineer, Wesley "Nonapeptide" David, is dispatched to investigate the possibilities. … Read more

Game-over! Gaining Physical access to a computer

Security requires defense in depth. The cleverest intrusion detection system, combined with the best antivirus, won't help you if a malicious person can gain physical access to your PC or server. A routine job, helping to remove a malware infection, brings it home to Wesley just how easy it is to get a command prompt with SYSTEM access on any PC, and inspires him to give a warning about the consequences.… Read more

7 Things that High Availability is Not

Wesley has heard High Availablity touted as all sorts of technological cure-all for busy SysAdmins and DBAs, and now he's taking a stand against it. There are a range of things that High Availability is regularly confused with (either deliberately or innocently), and Wesley's clearing it all up.… Read more