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Vladimir Bodurov

Vladimir Bodurov is Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .NET with ten years in software development; he has worked for projects for Fortune 100 companies, and has been actively involved with open source project, like or He is currently employed as a senior software developer at ThrillX Systems - Vancouver BC. He has a wide range of interests and experience with .NET, Silverlight, JavaScript, ActionScript for Flash and Flex and Transact SQL. His blog can be viewed at

Using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio with Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot

A good way to learn about Robotics is to build a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot and to control it using Visual Studio and Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. Although the results will hardly do the washing up for you, you'll gain valuable insights into thread synchronisation and coordination in a multiprocess, multi-code event-driven environment. Yes, and it is great fun too! Read more...

Building a Simple 3D Engine with Silverlight

Even if you intend only to use existing 3D engines in your applications, it always helps to understand how they work. Vlad hopes that you 'take the red pill', and learn how to render three-dimensional objects with C# without the use of any pre-existing 3D engine. Read more...

Dynamically generating typed objects in .NET

When you are binding Data to DataGrid in .NET, this has to be done at design-time. That's fine if you know what the form of the data is at design time: but what if you don't? Vlad Bodurov looks at some of the options and demonstrates an unusual dynamic technique that transforms IDictionary into a typed object Read more...

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