Software architect and Microsoft MVP, Troy has spent the last 15 years building web applications in the finance, media and healthcare industries. Based out of Sydney Australia, he now spends his days (and frequently nights), working as an architect for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals’ Emerging Markets. Troy’s software interests focus on enabling colleagues and partners to be productive in delivering high quality applications within proven frameworks. He regularly blogs about application security, improving the software development process and all things technology related at

08 September 2011

On Remembering Secure Passwords

Troy Hunt believes that it is time that we stopped kidding ourselves that we are capable of remembering different secure passwords for all the sites we use. We can't use the same password in more than one site, and passwords must be fit for purpose. So what's the solution?… Read more
23 March 2011

The unnecessary evil of the shared development database

One of the greatest pain-points in developing a database-driven application happens when the application is in source control,but the database isn't. When the development database is shared, the pain increases, and it is not alleviated by source control alone. Troy Hunt spells out why each database developer must have their own version of the database. … Read more

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