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Tom Fischer

Tom Fischer designs and builds software solutions upon the Microsoft stack. And every so often he writes and presents some of the things he's learned in his trade over the past dozen years. His last such talk was at the OWASP AppSec USA 2011 conference in the Twin Cities, Minnesota."

Fluent Code in C#

In LINQ, the 'fluent' method syntax flows logically and intuitively, and allows them to be combined simply, because each method returns the appropriate type of object for the next. Can this fluent technique be extended as an API style to make it easier to develop C# team-based applications for enterprises? Read more...

Beginning Distributed Version Control with Mercurial

The move from client-server version ontrol systems (VCS) to distributed version control systems can be bewildering. Tom uses his experience of moving to Mercurial to explain those aspects of the move that are liable to cause confusion to anyone steeped in the culture of the traditional VCS. Rebase, Push, Pull and Merge explained! Read more...

View-Models with Flags in WPF

Enums in .NET are strongly-typed constants that allow you to share a multi-valued property across applications. When used in a XAML application with view-models it can provide a design choice that greatly simplifies the handling of related boolean attributes. Read more...

Unit Testing Myths and Practices

We all understand the value of Unit Testing, but how come so few organisations maintain unit tests for their in-house applications? We can no longer pretend that unit testing is a universal panacea for ensuring less-buggy applications. Instead, we should be prepared to actively justify the use of unit tests, and be more savvy about where in the development cycle the unit test resources should be most effectively used. Read more...

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